Buildings, HVAC and renewable energy: enabling resilience in the face of a warming climate

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Dr Wendy Miller
Senior Lecturer in Energy
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Science and Engineering Faculty


This broad research topic encompasses buildings, cooling technologies and  renewable energy. It seeks to understand how the resilience of buildings and occupants, and of technologies that provide energy and cooling, can be measured and enhanced in the face of more extreme heat events. A range of discrete research topics is possible within this broad scope.

Research activities

Work in this area can be customised to specific student expertise and interests. It may collaboration with researchers engaged in International Energy Agency Annex 80 (resilient cooling) and/or with Australian projects relating to optimizing the value of renewable energy for providing building services (especially cooling).


Different aims and outcomes will apply, depending on the specific topic undertaken.

Skills and experience

This topic may be of interest to exception candidates with expertise in one or more of the following areas:

  • building science / building performance / building simulation
  • Advanced HVAC systems / advanced cooling technologies
  • Optimisation / predictive maintenance / continuous commissioning / predictive control
  • renewable energy integration (building or precinct level)
  • new energy market trading mechanisms (e.g. peer to peer trading, crowd energy, prosumers)


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