Building virtual environments for robots using NVIDIA simulator ISAAC

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Vacation research experience scheme

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Dr Feras Dayoub
Senior Lecturer
Division / Faculty
Science and Engineering Faculty


Conducting experiments using real robots can be difficult sometimes due to the restrictions on space and actions.

Simulators can provide an answer to these concerns in the early stages of development. We recognise that real world testing is crucial as results in a simulator do not always reflect results in reality.

ISAAC is a new robot simulator that shows promise in this space. However it currently only offers a few Unreal Engine environments.

In this project, you will add more environments to this simulator.

Research activities

As part of this project, you will gain experience working with ISAAC and learn how to create new environments and spawn robots.


We expect to finish the project by creating new environments and adding them to ISAAC with the ability to spawn and control robots in them.

Skills and experience

To perform in this research, you should have experience in C++ and Python as well as interest in game engines, simulators and robotics.



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