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Master of Philosophy


Vacation research experience scheme


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Associate Professor Deepak Dubal
Future Fellow
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Science and Engineering Faculty
Dr Hong Duc Pham
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
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Science and Engineering Faculty


Biomass waste is an abundant and sustainable source for producing carbon-derived electrode materials. These materials play a crucial role in energy storage devices, such as lithium-ion and potassium-ion batteries.

While biomass waste is abundant, their raw carbon materials can't be utilised as electrode materials directly in rechargeable batteries. Various treatment methods have been developed to tailor the materials' properties for improved battery performance. This includes:

  • pore size distribution
  • surface chemistry
  • graphitisation degree.

This project aims to develop new kinds of electrode materials from biomass waste and corresponding electrolytes to create low-cost, power-dense rechargeable batteries.

Research activities

As part of the research project, you will:

  • extract and purify raw materials from various biomass waste
  • synthesise biomass waste-based cathode materials
  • characterise electrode materials
  • develop corresponding electrolyte
  • assemble complete rechargeable batteries
  • assess the performance of the batteries.

Our research group is well-equipped with all the necessary facilities.


Upon concluding this research, we expect to uncover:

  • high-quality results published in international journals/conferences
  • direct industrial applications.

Skills and experience

As the ideal candidate, a strong background in chemistry, material science and physics will be preferred. Research experience in energy storage is highly desirable.



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