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  • Vacation research experience scheme


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Professor Kieran Tranter
Division / Faculty
Faculty of Business & Law


Automation is closely associated with the digital. Automated decision making, automated vehicles are are explicit, however the conceptualisation of robotics, the meta, fintech, blockchain also invokes notions of automation. Automation has a deep and contested history. It is embedded with discourses around modernism and industrialisation but also earlier in natural law philosophies concerning the distinguishing features of the human.

This project will contribute to an ARC Future Fellows application that rethinks and reframes automation and in doing so provides a clearer understanding of the nuances of automation for law and policy across multiple domains.

Research activities

  • literature review.


You will:

  • work with the supervisor to identify target foci literature concerned with automation in the digital
  • identify recent scholarly and grey literature on that foci
  • undertake a preliminary analysis of that literature using the 'Automation framework' developed by the supervisor
  • draft summaries of the literature.

Skills and experience

Ideally you should have an interest in the process of research and writing in law and an interest in law and technology.



Contact the supervisor for more information.