Study level

  • Vacation research experience scheme


Topic status

In progress.

Research centre


Associate Professor Nektarios Karanikas
Associate Professor in Health, Safety and Environment
Division / Faculty
Faculty of Health


Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) is one of the most legislated business areas. According to legislation and standards, all employers must ensure the optimum levels of health & safety of their workers, contractors, visitors and everyone else being affected by or involved in work activities.

Therefore, OHS should be a distinct focal area of any business or undertaking and must be considered along with other organisational objectives such as production, efficiency, marketing, logistics, finance, etc.

Literature supports the implementation of integrated management approaches but also suggests possible conflicts between OHS and other organisational objectives. Short courses, webinars and other development activities target raising awareness of employers and managers of the importance and role of OHS for any business.

However, it remains unclear whether and how OHS is part of business education in Australia so that future managers and leaders have the necessary knowledge to comply with their legal and moral obligations for OHS.


The project will examine:

  1. The extent to which higher education programmes offered in Business Management/Administration (Bachelor’s and Master’s) in Australia include OHS as a separate Unit/topic.
  2. Under what Faculties/Departments/Schools of Australian universities OHS courses (Bachelor’s and Master’s) are nested.

The results from this project will be submitted for publication to a journal or conference.


You will, with the support of the supervisor, use online resources and the QUT library to complete the following:

  1. A narrative review of existing literature regarding the relationship between Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) with other business objectives.
  2. A narrative review of the benefits and challenges of integrated management systems with a focus on OHS.
  3. A review of business management and administration study programmes (and Unit outlines where available) published on the websites of Australian universities.
  4. Identification of faculties, departments, schools, etc., offering OHS courses in Australian universities.
  5. Synthesis of the results from points No 3 and 4 above and discussion against the literature.
  6. Recommendations sourcing from point No 5 above.
  7. Draft of an article to be submitted to a journal or conference.

Location of research

QUT Kelvin Grove Campus


  • Weekly face-to-face or online meetings with the supervisor.
  • Daily assistance upon request (e.g., clarifications, urgent questions).
  • Access to QUT Library for literature search. No physical presence at QUT is required to perform the research if each student has access to a computer/laptop and the internet.

Research activities

  • Literature search and review
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Drafting or revising conference papers or journal articles.

Skills and experience

Basic skills in searching and interpreting academic literature



Contact the supervisor for more information.