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  • Vacation research experience scheme


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Professor Rebekah Russell-Bennett
Division / Faculty
Faculty of Business & Law


Nudges are a behaviour change tool popularised by Nobel Prize winner Professor Thaler and his colleague Professor Sunstein in their best-selling book, Nudge . Nudges are tactics that influence the environment to make it easy, attractive, social and timely for customers to make healthier and more effective choices. Nudges have been used by government agencies and non-profit organisations to increase healthy eating, conserve water, recycle, quit smoking, moderate drinking and increase vaccination rates.

In this VRES project, the successful student will work with the Centre for Behavioural Economics, Society and Technology (BEST) to conduct a literature review of nudge programs and develop an easy reference tool that classifies nudges into different categories. This tool will then help researchers and practitioners select appropriate nudges to design behaviour change

Research activities

  • conducting a review of published literature
  • synthesising the literature
  • collaborating with behavioural experts to classify nudges
  • writing results in a short report for practitioners
  • writing results in a scholarly article
  • working with a visual designer to develop an infographic of the results
  • suggesting ideas for an interactive tool.

The student will be eligible to present their findings to an audience of 100+ academics and industry partners in the annual BEST conference in Feb 2023.



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