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  • Vacation research experience scheme


Faculty of Business and Law

School of Law

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Professor Dan Hunter
Deputy Dean
Division / Faculty
Faculty of Business & Law
Professor Kieran Tranter
Division / Faculty
Faculty of Business & Law

External supervisors

  • Christine Boshuijzen-van Burken (QUT)


The project consists of a literature review on AI ‘regulations’ (i.e. any initiative from ethical guideline/framework to regulation), of which many instances have evolved in recent years. IEEE, EU, OECD, OpenAI, IBM and many others have published ethical and regulatory frameworks on AI. The goal of the project is to systematically analyse these initiatives in terms of what they try to control, protect, suppress or support (e.g. the humans that develop them, technology itself, users, financial/political institution’s power over it, nature).

Distilling the locus and focus of control in regulatory AI attempts might help us understand the underlying assumptions about humans and the world. The literature review could become part of a research paper on AI regulation, autonomy and worldviews. The project is limited to a systematic overview and classification of regulatory AI frameworks/guidelines.

Research activities

You will be expected to:

  • search online for regulatory and ethical AI frameworks (max 5 years old)
  • analyse the frameworks in terms of locus and focus of control
  • document and present the findings in a systematic manner

This project is expected to run for 20 hours a week, for 6 weeks.


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