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Faculty of Creative Industries, Education and Social Justice

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Professor Sarah Holland-Batt
Professor (CW & LS)
Division / Faculty
Faculty of CI, Education & Social Justice
Professor Evonne Miller
Director, QUT Design Lab
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Faculty of CI, Education & Social Justice
Associate Professor Jen Seevinck
Associate Professor (Interactive and Visual Design)
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Faculty of CI, Education & Social Justice
Dr T.J. Thomson
Senior Lecturer
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Faculty of CI, Education & Social Justice


This VRES project is part of a larger three-year project titled Amplifying voices from the Royal Commission into Aged Care, which is funded by the Australian Research Council. This boundary-pushing transdisciplinary project asks the critical question: how can non-traditional approaches like arts-based methodologies provide marginalised aged care residents with more visibility and voice in public discourse and policy debates about aged care?

More information about the project can be found on the project website.

This project is situated within the 2nd stage of this research project, which responds to the arts-based methodology called poetic inquiry. This is a form of found poetry, where poems are created using traditional poetic techniques from unusual source texts, such as transcripts, interviews, and newspaper articles.

Research activities

This project provides you with a unique opportunity to be part of an innovative, boundary-pushing project aimed at fostering social change. You will work as part of an interdisciplinary research team (with expertise in design psychology, poetry, nursing, co-design, interaction design and media), to develop a series of original, artistic, animated visualisations to accompany poetry created from submissions from the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety. These animations will be exhibited in various contexts (i.e. conferences, online, art galleries) in addition to a large-scale touring exhibition at the end of the project.


You will be expected to work through the various stages of the creative process from research, iterative concept development, and final product delivery. At certain stages you will need to provide exemplars of relevant approaches, develop concepts, and then produce the final animations. These animations will include visuals and sound, and depending on the length of the poems, are only expected to be around 2-4 mins in length.

The purpose of animated poetry is to amplify the stories form the Royal Commission and to explore the capacity arts-based methodologies to amplify the voices and stories of aged care residents and assist people to better connect with and care about their stories.

Skills and experience

Ideally you will be studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Animation), have knowledge of the principles of animation, and be skilled in traditional-2D animation and stop-motion methods, or specific mediums such as:

  • video
  • paint on glass
  • scratchboard
  • paper cut-outs.

You will also be skilled in the relevant animation and video editing software. Ideally, you will also have additional skills in 2D art principles and techniques such as hand drawing/illustration. Experience in developing imaginative, highly abstract, arts-based animations will be highly favoured.



For more information contact Senior Research Assistant and Project Manager Sarah Johnstone (senior research assistant and project manager) at or Chief Investigator Professor Evonne Miller.