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Dr Jun Mei
Lecturer in Materials Science
Division / Faculty
Faculty of Science


The development of energy conversion and storage devices has been increasingly explored with the primary purpose to address the current energy and environment crisis. One of promising solutions is largely associated with the progress on advanced nanomaterials. These nanomaterials have been verified to exhibit attractive physical and chemical properties and are expected for developing cutting-edge energy conversion and storage devices for supporting a sustainable future. Therefore, the proposed research topics on advanced nanomaterials offers unprecedented opportunities for sustainable energy applications.

Research activities

  • Synthesis of advanced nanomaterials using chemical methods.
  • Materials characterizations and data analysis.
  • Energy-related applications, such as energy storage or catalysis.


  • Gain new knowledge on the working mechanisms for new energy storage systems.
  • Explore in-depth origins and applications of green catalysts.
  • Possible publications on research results.

Skills and experience

Ensure that you have the interest in solving a scientific question and building a self-motivated thinking mind.
Preferable backgrounds (based on specific projects): physics; chemistry; materials science; engineering; nanoscience
Preferable skills (based on specific projects): chemical synthesis; physical characterizations; advanced materials


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