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Master of Philosophy


Vacation research experience scheme

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Science and Engineering Faculty

School of Built Environment

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Associate Professor Tan Yigitcanlar
Associate Professor
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Science and Engineering Faculty


The research aims to address contemporary urbanisation (urban planning, development and management) challenges by focusing on one of the following three broad research areas:

Investigation into intelligent urban technologies and formation of smart cities

Research topics in this area include:

  • urban technology
  • smart cities
  • smart communities
  • technology convergence and built environment
  • ubiquitous eco-city
  • smart urban and transport modelling
  • autonomous vehicles
  • artificial intelligence
  • intelligent urban management systems
  • online public participatory planning
  • web-based decision/planning support systems.

Investigation into knowledge-based urban development and formation of knowledge cities

Research topics in this area include:

  • knowledge-based urban/regional development
  • knowledge cities
  • creative urban regions
  • knowledge economy
  • knowledge industries
  • knowledge workers
  • knowledge community precinct
  • urban knowledge and innovation spaces
  • place branding.

Investigation into sustainable urban development and formation of sustainable cities

Research topics in this area include:

  • sustainable urban development
  • sustainable cities
  • sustainable and resilient infrastructure
  • sustainable transport systems
  • accessibility planning
  • transport disadvantage
  • urban sustainability indicators and frameworks
  • climate change
  • water sensitive urban design
  • zero-carbon cities
  • healthy cities and communities.

Research activities

In this project you'll be addressing a contemporary urban planning and development challenge by using various analysis techniques. Examples can include qualitative, quantitative and spatial analysis.


You'll gain in-depth knowledge and experience in addressing contemporary urban planning and development challenges.

Skills and experience

To be considered for this project, you'll need to demonstrate:

  • skills and experience in urban research
  • broad understanding of contemporary urbanisation issues
  • knowledge in at least one of the following analysis techniques:
    • qualitative
    • quantitative
    • spatial analysis.



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