3D patient assessment: automated metrics

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Master of Philosophy


Vacation research experience scheme

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Dr Sean Powell
Postdoctoral Research Fellow (AQF)
Division / Faculty
Science and Engineering Faculty

External supervisors

  • Dr Jason Brown, Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital


The future of healthcare involves the application of 3D and computational technologies throughout the entire patient journey. This project involves developing technology, software, and processes to enable automated measurements of patient anatomy which can be used for the manufacture of customised elastic pressure garments and dressings. Pressure garments are often used in burn injury treatment to apply pressure to the burn scarring and reduce scar severity as well as support healing. Currently the clinical team must use measuring tape to painstakingly measure the shape of the patients’ anatomy and then write the measurements on a paper chart supplied by the garment manufacturer. This involves taking many individual measurements and is very labour intensive, uncomfortable for the patient, of questionable accuracy, and time consuming.

This project involves using a high resolution structured light scanner to capture a 3D model of the relevant patient anatomy, and then develop software and methodology to accurately determine the dimensions required for pressure garment fabrication.

Research activities

The students will work in our lab developing methodologies to accurately determine anatomical measurements using 3D scanned models. The 3D scanner is industrial rated for metrology and currently has the capacity to make 3D measurements of scanned objects based on user input. This project involves validating accuracy by comparing the 3D measurements with physically obtained measurements and then developing clinically relevant methodologies to reduce the need for manual processes. Further automation of the process with improve utility by enabling rapid low labour garment measurement calculation.


The outcomes of this project is a clinical tool to enable rapid and accurate determination of patient anatomy dimensions using 3D scanning technology.


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