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We've invested in areas of research identified as priorities for the world, the nation and the state. In each of these areas we're continuing to build on the strength and experience of our experts.

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Architecture and built environment

We bring together government, industry and community to create real-world solutions.


We are ranked as the leading research institution in Australia for both robotics and biomedical technology.


Our research improves patient treatment options and increases the world's knowledge of human health.


Be part of scientific research that has real impact and discover the projects establishing our staff as international research leaders.

Real-world research

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Max Planck Queensland Centre

Research from the Max Planck Queensland Centre for the Materials Science of Extracellular Matrices.

STEM Education Research Group

STEM Education Research Group collects evidence to improve our understanding of how young people and their teachers engage with science, technology, engineering and mathematics

Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research

We are the leading hub in Australia for research-based knowledge in entrepreneurship.


Collaborate with government and industry to find innovative solutions that benefit business and community at a local, national and global level.

Explore areas like:

  • accountability, regulation and governance
  • consumers, markets and stakeholders
  • economics and finance
  • entrepreneurship, innovation and strategy
  • non-profit and social enterprise
  • organisation and work.

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Join our progressive and collaborative postgraduate community and make an original contribution to media, design or creative arts research. We believe in fostering a supportive intellectual environment that encourages our researchers to address real world problems in areas like:

  • digital media, communication and culture
  • innovation in the performing and digital arts
  • sustainability and innovation in design.

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Recognised internationally as a leader in education research with a global outlook, we provide the right environment for our researchers and research students to make real progress and generate real world impact. Our research is leading the way in areas like:

  • childhood in changing contexts
  • teacher education and professional learning
  • literacies, language, texts and technologies
  • STEM education
  • student engagement, learning and behaviour.

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Get hands-on experience with patients and students, and collaborate with government, community groups, hospitals and institutions from around the world. Your work has the potential to advance healthcare in areas including:

  • behavioural neuroscience and mental health
  • chronic conditions, including cancer
  • healthy lifestyles, ageing and environments
  • emergency care and health services
  • infection and injury prevention.

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As our commercial, social and digital worlds continue to evolve, our laws and justice system must progress with them. Our research is helping to shape the law and guide policy reform in areas like:

  • justice
  • health law
  • technology
  • environment.

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From robotics to biomedical engineering, we are leading the way with research that will contribute significantly to the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of people across the globe. It’s exciting, world-changing work happening in areas like:

  • biology and environmental science
  • built environment
  • chemistry and physics
  • civil and environmental engineering
  • computer science
  • earth and atmospheric sciences
  • electrical engineering and robotics
  • information systems
  • mathematical sciences
  • mechanical, medical and process engineering.

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Indigenous research

Carumba Institute

The Carumba Institute is an Indigenous research and education environment, embodying our priority to increase Indigenous research focus, develop Indigenous Australian researchers and attend to the needs of Indigenous Australian students.

National Indigenous Research and Knowledges Network

The National Indigenous Research and Knowledges Network is a national, inclusive, multidisciplinary hub and spokesmodel network of Indigenous researchers at various stages of their careers. The network is led by Indigenous senior scholars with strong research track records who bring extensive experience in collaborative and community-based research.

QUT Indigenous Australian Research Strategy 2022-2025

QUT’s Indigenous Australian Research Strategy 2022-2025 presents a vision for the university that is focused on building and supporting Indigenous Australian research excellence and innovation.

To achieve this vision, the strategy prioritises:

  • supporting and investing in Indigenous Australian research talent and excellence
  • growing the body of Indigenous Australian-led and co-designed research
  • building institutional capability to foster Indigenous Australian research excellence
  • developing cohort support to enable Indigenous Australian intellectual excellence.

QUT’s Indigenous Australian academics, researchers and alumni make significant research contributions at local, national and international levels. The University is also committed to investing in research partnerships with Indigenous Australian communities that are meaningful, respectful and mutually beneficial. The Indigenous Australian Research Strategy capitalises on the progress QUT has already made, and outlines actions the university will take now and into the future to deliver our vision.

Read the QUT Indigenous Australian Research Strategy 2022-2025 document

We're making real progress

We're delivering solutions to the challenges of today and the future. Be part of research that has real impact, locally and on a global scale. See just some of the current projects that are establishing our researchers as international research leaders.

11 Aug 2022

Not all streaming services create content equally: QUT research

While Netflix is increasingly in the spotlight for its battle to retain subscribers, a QUT researcher says the streaming giant should not be compared to others and the notion of ‘streaming wars’ is out-dated.

1 Aug 2022

Hydrogen production policy critical to net-zero-emissions

Hydrogen production should be carefully regulated and consumers informed about emissions credentials if Australia is to achieve a sustainable energy economy and net zero emissions by 2050, QUT experts warn.

1 Aug 2022

QUT awarded AIS grant to research how data boosts sporting strategy

QUT’s expertise in predictive analytics and using data to improve sport strategy and performance of athletes is the focus of a new 12-month research grant awarded by the Australian Institute of Sport.

27 Jul 2022

Virtual lung therapy by smartphone app rivals traditional method

A browser-based smartphone app designed to deliver therapy for people recovering from surgery and those with lung conditions involving overproduction of mucus could replace the more ‘traditional’ hand-held incentive spirometer device.