Topic status: In progress

This project considers an application of forensic statistics, in this particular instance, the use of shape analysis in determining age at death. The pubic symphysis, the cartilaginous joint uniting the left and right pubic bones, is commonly used in determining age at death, especially in instances where only partial skeletal remains are available. This is because the hip bone, where the pubic symphysis is located, is more likely to be present; its size and weight typically deter scavengers from removing the bone from the nearby location of the deceased body. Statistical shape analysis applied with the Suchey-Brooks pubic symphysis scoring system will be used in age-at-death determination

Research activities

  • Data cleansing
  • Initial statistical investigation of the data.

Expected Outcomes

Data analysis report

Duration of project

6 weeks, December 2011and January 2012

Number of hours

42 hours total

Study level
Vacation research experience scholarship
Organisational unit

Science and Engineering Faculty

Research areas
pubic bone age, shape analysis, bone age

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