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In the context of a dramatically reconfigured labour market there is raised awareness of how work can be shaped or modified. However, little attention has been afforded to the ‘everyday’, micro-level exchanges between managers and employees in adjusting work, alongside the ‘standard’ terms and conditions set out in employment contracts. This project will draw on social exchange frameworks and notions of ‘idiosyncratic deals’ to explore how adjustments to the timing, location and tasks of work evolve in the context of interdependent employment relationships and the level of satisfaction and compromise that is perceived. The project will contribute to knowledge of how right to request provisions are enacted, when and how gendered organisational processes affect outcomes, and the ways in which effective interactions can facilitate business competitiveness.

Study level
Organisational unit

QUT Business School

Research areas
customised work, flexible work, gender, right to request, employment relations, idiosyncratic deals, management
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