Topic status: In progress


Searching, reading and extracting useful information from literature is a tedious but must-do task for all researchers. While document summarisation techniques are well-developed nowadays, automatic generation of literature review based on a given topic is still a very challenging task. This project will investigate related techniques for automatically generating literature review for certain topics. Initial scope will be limited to documents written in English only and computer science discipline as the application area.

Research activities

This project involves gathering related literature, reading and critically analysing current literature and prepare a comprehensive literature review in publishable format. It will also involve some coding for proof-of-concept of an existing or innovative idea.

Expected outcomes

The expected outcomes for this student topic are:

  • a 20-30 page comprehensive literature review for the state-of-the-art of automatic literature review generation techniques
  • a demo for a chosen idea.

Duration of project

8-10 weeks during summer semester.

Study level
Vacation research experience scholarship
Organisational unit

Science and Engineering Faculty

Research areas
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