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Advancement of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) enables efficient and effective communications, not just in urban areas, but also for remote areas in Australia. Such developments encourage and enhance implementing remote patient monitoring systems. Research studies show that this kind of approach may reduce healthcare cost, however the technology proposed require people’s acceptance. In order to understand how and when public will accept such technological approach require careful study plan. In this study plan we proposed to investigate feasibility of designing and developing a randomised control trial by augmenting public views, professional views and embedded infrastructure such as software, communication protocols and medical devices.

Research Activities

The activities undertaken are:

  • research on available state of the art remote monitoring system to facilitate blood glucose and blood pressure levels that would providing automated data analysis and sounds alerts when a reading suggests a problem
  • if required, design Web Interface to augment the monitoring system identified in item 1 above for reporting, monitoring and communications purposes
  • searching for the best (virtual) practice protocols when designing a randomised control trial.

Expected Outcomes:

The expected outcomes are to:

  • identify and recommended at least two remote monitoring systems that are commercially available
  • complete a web interface for reporting and communications and reporting tasks
  • produce a summary of policy and protocols documents from the literature search.

Project Duration

The duration of the project is 10 weeks maximum, commencing mid-November 2011 and ending late February 2011.

Study level
Vacation research experience scholarship
Organisational unit

Science and Engineering Faculty

Research areas
information technology, randomised control trial, feasibility study
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