Research team contacts

Principal Researcher:

Associate Professor Mark King, School of Psychology & Counselling, QUT

Associate Researcher:

Associate Professor Ioni Lewis, School of Psychology & Counselling, QUT

Research Centre / Group:


What is the purpose of this research?

This study is being undertaken by CARRS-Q as part of an overall research project led by SMEC and funded by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR). The purpose of this research project is to investigate drivers’ perceptions regarding a range of on-road treatments including:  Audio tactile line markings (ATLM), Wide Centre Line Treatment (WCLT), safer roadsides, and improved intersection markings.

Are you looking for people like me?

You are invited to participate in this study because you are aged 18 or older, have a current driver’s licence (provisional or open), and regularly drive on the Bruce Highway (i.e. you drive at least 1 hour in a typical week on the Bruce Highway).

What will you ask me to do?

Participation will involve completing a 45-item anonymous online survey. Most items require you to provide your response on a scale of strongly agree – strongly disagree. The survey will take approximately 10 minutes of your time.

Questions will include:

  • your attitudes towards road safety
  • your involvement in crashes in the last three (3) years
  • your thoughts about road design features, and how you think those features influence your driving.

Are there any risks for me in taking part?

There are minimal risks associated with your participation in this study. The survey will include questions about driving behaviour and some items may ask about your potential engagement in illegal on-road behaviours such as speeding. Please note, however, that the survey is anonymous and the survey responses do not require you to provide any specific details regarding the occurrence. In addition, if you or someone you know has experienced a crash or near-miss, you may find a survey addressing such issues as something that may cause discomfort and, in which case, the researchers would advise you to carefully consider your participation in the project. It should be noted that if you do agree to participate you can withdraw from participation in the research project without comment or penalty at any time during the survey; however, participants will be unable to withdraw from the study after the survey has been submitted back to the researchers as it is anonymous.

Are there any benefits for me in taking part?

It is expected that this research project will not directly benefit you. However, it may benefit the community by improving road designs which may reduce the number of road crashes.

Will I be compensated for my time?

To recognise your contribution, should you choose to participate, the research team is offering you the chance to win 1 of 10 $100 GiftPay vouchers. Please note the opening date for entries is 8 August 2022 and the closing date is 31 October 2022. The prize draw will be on 7 November 2022.

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I am interested - what should I do next?

Take the survey

QUT Ethics Number: 1800001038