Materials science

New discoveries driving innovation

Our materials science researchers are supported by exceptional material characterisation facilities in the Central Analytical Research Facility (CARF).

We're making progress across three broad areas of materials science:

  • Nanomaterials, focusing on the fabrication and assemblies of nanoparticles and low dimensional materials, including quantum dot structures, nanowires, nanotubes and graphene materials
  • Surface engineering, where researchers are focusing on the unique properties associated with a surface and the interaction of the surface with the surrounding environment
  • Molecular materials, where we're using organic and inorganic chemistry to investigate the molecular synthesis of advanced molecular materials like profluorescent nitroxides, rotoxanes and polymeric materials.

Central Analytical Research Facility (CARF)

Managed by our Institute for Future Environments, the Central Analytic Research Facility (CARF) provides researchers with the ideal environment for materials characterisation analysis, including:

  • chemical composition and structure
  • physical morphology and response to physical stimuli
  • electronic and optical structure and properties.

This work underpins our progress in material science research and is helping to ensure that the solutions we develop have effective real-world applications.

Media releases

Mimicking nature for sustainable energy solutions

A QUT researcher is mimicking the sub-microscopic structures and optical properties of natural objects, such as seashells, fish scales and fly eyes, to develop sustainable energy solutions and ways to benefit the environment.

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