Research programs

Our research agenda is organised around four research programs. Each program is co-led by a small group of chief investigators, with active participation from centre members, external partners and research students.

Journalism, public communication and democracy - Program 1

This program combines big data with comparative qualitative methods to investigate the changing shape of journalism, news and public communication - as well as the essential democratic functions they serve - in the context of a rapidly transforming media environment.

Digital media industries, economies and regulation - Program 2

This program combines economic, legal and cultural analysis to map new and transforming digital media industries at both the global and local level, and to identify appropriate legal and regulatory responses to these shifts.

Digital media in everyday life - Program 3

This program applies advanced qualitative methods and theoretical frameworks to study the everyday experience of living with digital media technologies, and the new cultural practices emerging through everyday uses of digital media platforms.

Digital methods - Program 4

This program provides the methodological know-how and infrastructure that powers our centre, incorporating a range of quantitative and qualitative methods from social media analytics to thick description, and contributing to public debates about the social implications of big data, corporate data mining, and data ethics.