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Business of technology

The value of technology

We're exploring how businesses are creating value from new technologies and examining the potential costs of these changes to our market and society.

Business researchers analyse the capacity of organisations to take advantage of technology by creating agile organisational structures, systems and processes.

Advancing all fields of business research

In accounting, data analytic software, business intelligence tools and cognitive inferencing engines are helping to evaluate performance and improve management decision making. In audit and forensic investigations, these tools are revolutionising the ways that financial frauds are being uncovered.

Human resource management researchers examine how creative mindsets and management leadership capabilities enable firms to sense and seize new technological opportunities.

Entrepreneurship researchers explore how technology enables growth and the creation of new business ventures.

Marketing researchers examine how technology creates the opportunity to build service offerings or integrate the customer into the innovation process.

Economists measure societal impacts of new technologies and provide evidence to policy makers on new ways to use technology in policy implementation.

Progress at what cost?

In an increasingly technology-focused society, there's growing public debate about who benefits from new technologies and information. We’re exploring:

  • how technology is good for business
  • the impacts of technology disruption, like employment uncertainty with the increase of automation
  • the cost of technology development versus the rewards.

Media releases

BMW and QUT sign MOU on design

QUT’s relationship with global Fortune 100 company BMW has been further strengthened by the announcement of a BMW+QUT Design partnership.

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