12 - 15 June
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Virtual and on-site events around Brisbane
From US$80 - US$240

The Sustainability Research and Innovation Congress 2021 (SRI2021) is a virtual event that unites global sustainability leaders, experts, industry and innovators to inspire action and promote sustainability transformation. 

SRI2021 is the world's first transdisciplinary gathering in sustainability, and will be a space of fierce advocacy for sustainability scholarship, innovation, collaboration and action. The full program is available here.

QUT academics will be involved in several SRI2021 sessions, sharing their research in a variety of sustainability-related areas including conservation and biodiversity, public health, circular economies and waste reduction. Check out the full list:

Sunday 13 June  2pm – 3pm
Developing an industrial ecology marketplace for plastic waste
Dr Judith Herbst, Dr Muhammad Shahiduzzaman and Dr Manuela Taboada
Presenters will exchange ideas about stimulating a circular economy for plastic, and in the process, reveal ways to mitigate gaps to turnaround relatively low recycling rates.

Sunday 13 June 5pm – 7pm
Air Quality and Human Health
Professor Lidia Morawska 
24 speakers from different backgrounds will engage in a marketplace format and interact intensively with the aim of stimulating new ideas with new methodologies and technologies to reduce air pollutant levels for enhancing human health.

Professor Lidia Morawska
Professor Lidia Morawska

Monday 14 June 2pm – 3pm
Advanced solutions for wildlife management in developing nations
Associate Professor Grant Hamilton and Evangeline Corcoran
Machine learning for conservation is still in its infancy, and offers enormous potential for efficiency and accuracy gains in species detection and management. Speakers will demonstrate effective use of machine learning and other advanced technological approaches in conservation, and highlight working in diverse social, cultural and economic environments and ecosystems.

Associate Professor Grant Hamilton
Associate Professor Grant Hamilton

Monday 14 June 2pm – 4pm
From design to end-of-life: Fashion and the sustainable development goals
Associate Professor Alice Payne, Professor Robert Speight, Dr Ajay Pandey, Dr Tiziana Ferrero-Regis, Dr Frederic Maire and Lydia Manieson
This session presents a multi-disciplinary approach to sustainable design, consumption and production of fashion, cutting across design, governance, industry and scientific perspectives, while more broadly considering how the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are impacted by the current state of fashion production and consumption.

Professor Alice Payne

To encourage global participation and collaboration, almost all SRI2021 sessions, workshops, plenaries and networking activities will be available online through the virtual congress platform. There will also be a range of on-site events in Brisbane for local attendees.

Ticket registration is $240 (USD) for the full program of workshops, networking, training and more. An additional onsite pass can be purchased for $80 (USD) which gives you access to in-person gatherings and activities in Brisbane. Future Earth members qualify for discounted registration rates. If you are interested, you can become a member free of charge.

QUT has an ongoing commitment to tackle global challenges and achieve sustainability through our research, teaching programs, campus operations and partners. Sustainability and the Environment is one of seven high-level priorities in QUT’s strategic plan ‘Blueprint 6’. 

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8 Jun 2021

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