First published 28 September 2020

The lecture was held in recognition of the tough times we are facing and the importance for us all to develop coping mechanisms.

The video of the lecture will be uploaded on this page shortly. Below are links to digital resources that you may also find useful.

About the lecture and presenters

The lecture featured Paralympian Monique Murphy as keynote speaker, with QUT clinical psychology researcher Professor David Kavanagh as facilitator and a live Q&A panel, including:

Associate Professor Divya Mehta, a QUT molecular geneticist and biostatistician with an interest in understanding environmental factors impacting on stress and response to trauma.

Professor Selena Bartlett, a translational neuroscientist at QUT, with expertise in how the brain can be trained to manage stress, create new behaviour and empower choices.

Associate Professor Esben Strodl, a registered psychologist, interested in understanding the psychosocial factors associated with health behaviours, including the impact of spirituality.

QUT’s Professor of Clinical Psychology Professor Ian Shochet, with a reputation in resilience research, developing programs that promote connectedness and a sense of belonging.

Also joining us was Dr Sarah Hampton, a clinical psychologist with an interest in trauma recovery from the Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation.

Digital resources

We are sharing further information about a range of topics below, all sourced from credible sources.

Head to Health is a Federal Department of Health website to help you find the right digital mental health resources for your needs.

eMHPrac (e-Mental Health in Practice) is a QUT-led directory, designed for practitioners but available to all, with evidence-based, free (or low-cost), publicly funded digital mental health programs and resources, such as apps, crisis helplines and self-guided online programs.

eMHPrac features links to organisations such as Lifeline, Beyond Blue and Kids Helpline.

Both Head to Health and eMHPrac sites include access to COVID-19 resources.

Fact sheets

Additional information about COVID-19 is provided below, from the Australian Psychological Society and Beyond Blue.

Tips for coping with coronavirus anxiety (Australian Psychological Society)

Maintaining your mental health during social isolation (Australian Psychological Society)

Managing lockdown fatigue (Australian Psychological Society)

Grief and loss (Beyond Blue)


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