Project status: Completed

'Cultural Science' approach to the study of everyday cultural and creative activity at very large scale Combining analytical frameworks from media and cultural studies with state-of-the-art Internet research tools Providing evidence for the substantial impact of everyday cultural activity on creative industries and creative innovation Enables identification and analysis of online activity within specific creative industries communities (video artists on YouTube, journalists on Twitter,)

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Research leader
Research team
QUT External collaborators
  • Lars Kirchhoff
  • Thomas Nicolai
Organisational unit
Lead unit ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation
Start date
1 January 2010
End date
1 January 2012



Sociomantic Labs, Berlin, Germany

Publications and output

  • Comprehensive quantitative and qualitative data on the Australian online public sphere
  • Continuous, near real-time tracking of online participation enables swift response to current events
  • Innovative new data gathering and analysis methodologies for social media / Web 2.0 environments
  • Substantial research publications already: 4 book chapters, 2 journal articles, 11 conference papers