Project status: Completed

The Kelvin Grove Urban Village is a heterogenous inner-city master-planned community that provides a unique chance to research the intersection of new media opportunities (e.g., internet and mobile phone applications) and the challenges of new urban developments. Using social network theory, the study will map the communicative ecologies of urban residents and the way they access and use the cultural, educational, and civic assets in their locale.

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Australian Research Council Discovery Grant DP0663854
Research team
QUT External collaborators Professor Steffen Lehmann
Organisational unit
Lead unit Institute for Creative Industries and Innovation Other units
Start date
1 January 2006
End date
31 December 2008
urban informatics


The project will employ a new methodological approach that connects new media, community intervention and urban studies paradigms. The resulting cross-disciplinary framework designed to stimulate socio-economic innovation will lead to urban sustainability and healthier local economies.

Mapping - Kelvin Grove map

This study will deliver a better understanding of the factors that stimulate an innovation culture in local communities. It will develop knowledge of how social, cultural, educational, economic capital can be of service in encouraging public consultation, civic engagement and debate, and assist Australians to be creative and innovative in everyday life.

Understanding the opportunities of social networks will help Australians negotiate the complex web of daily choices, access a greater social safety net, participate in the socio-cultural and socio-economic life in their city. This will lead to greater social inclusion, fair access to and smart use of local information and services, urban sustainability and healthier local economies.


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