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The Giving Australia 2016 project is the largest ever research effort into philanthropic behaviour to understand how, why and how much Australians give to charity.The project is led by the Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies (ACPNS) at QUT with the Centre for Social Impact at Swinburne University of Technology and the Centre for Corporate Public Affairs.

This in-depth project will collect information from individuals, charities, philanthropists and businesses to determine the gaps, barriers and opportunities to make giving and volunteering more accessible to Australians. Its findings will provide critical information about giving and volunteering behaviours, attitudes and trends, and improve the understanding of the needs of nonprofit organisations.

Our findings will inform new policy and ideas that will help people, organisations and communities across Australia.


The study is funded by the Australian Government's Department of Social Services.

$1.7 million
Research leader
Research team
QUT External collaborators
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Lead unit Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies
End date
15 December 2016
Research areas
charity research, charity research project, giving research, donations research, philanthropy research, nonprofit studies, not-for-profit studies, philanthropy studies


For more information, contact the Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies.



Research partners

The Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies

The Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies (ACPNS) is a specialist research and teaching unit within the QUT Business School. ACPNS promotes the understanding of philanthropy and nonprofit issues by drawing upon academics from many disciplines. We work closely with nonprofit practitioners, intermediaries and government departments.

The Centre for Social Impact (CSI) Swinburne

As part of the CSI network, the Centre for Social Impact (CSI) Swinburne works toward a stronger society for all through research and scholarship. Its work builds on the foundations of the Asia-Pacific Centre for Social Investment and Philanthropy (ACSIP), which has extensive networks with philanthropy and nonprofit organisations. National CSI network resources will be utilised throughout this project.

The Centre for Corporate Public Affairs

The Centre for Corporate Public Affairs was established in response to demand from corporate and public affairs professionals for a support organisation. It provides excellent professional development programs and information resources to senior public affairs practitioners, senior executives and line managers.

Sector partners

Our principal sector partners role is to act as a sounding board for our researchers and subcontractors, assist in gaining research participation from their memberships and networks, and to disseminate the research findings.

Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal

The Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal works with philanthropy, government and business to strengthen rural, regional and remote communities, by providing resources for projects that enable communities to build their social capital and economic resilience.

Fundraising Institute Australia

Fundraising Institute Australia (FIA) advances professional fundraising through promotion of standards, professional development pathways and measurable credentials to achieve best practice for its members. The FIA investigates fundraising trends and issues and consults with industry and government on behalf of its members to set standards for fundraising practice.

Philanthropy Australia

Philanthropy Australia aims to represent, grow and inspire an effective and robust philanthropic sector for the community. It facilitates, advocates, educates, engages, communicates and promotes giving for members to maximise the philanthropic sector's effectiveness and impact.

Volunteering Australia

As the national peak body for volunteering, Volunteering Australia works to advance volunteering in the community. Research and advocacy are central to the organisation's strategic focus, and their publications include the National Survey of Volunteering Issues.

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