Project status: Completed

Narrative based new media innovations, such as digital stories, computer gaming, and location based scenarios can enrich community engagement in the urban planning process. Community derived stories of the past and future can thereby inform policy and modelling to preserve heritage and yield more sustainable cities.

A research team comprising creatives, new media specialists, educators, and urban planners will research, develop and evaluate a suite of creative outputs and allied planning prototypes in two urban locations: Kelvin Grove and Noosa. Comparative analysis will provide insights into different regional dynamics and assist transfer of outcomes to other Australian communities.

This project supports new media creativity and literacy in two Australian communities. It helps people participate in the urban planning process. It assists in improving a sense of belonging and fosters human talent and socio-cultural values favourable to creativity and innovation.

By empowering people to bring about change within their local community, the project re-invigorates a more contemporary interpretation of community values in a knowledge society. Australia's capacity to interpret and engage with its urban environment is also enhanced by raising our awareness of the socio-cultural background, heritage and future aspirations of local community members.

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Australian Research Council Linkage LP0882274
Research team
QUT External collaborators Dr Bhishna Bajracharya, Bond University.
Organisational unit
Lead unit Institute for Creative Industries and Innovation Other units
urban informatics



Publications and output

Foth, M., Klaebe, H., & Hearn, G. (2008). The Role of New Media and Digital Narratives in Urban Planning and Community Development. Body, Space & Technology, 7(2).

Foth, M., Hearn, G., & Klaebe, H. (2007, Sep 9-12). Embedding Digital Narratives and New Media in Urban Planning. Paper presented at the Digital Resources for the Humanities and Arts (DRHA) Conference, Dartington, South Devon, UK.