Our innovation focus is comprehensive, encompassing the spectrum from:

  • working from the individual to the systems level to harness potential and enhance the opportunity for innovation at and across all levels;
  • optimising the pre-conditions, foundations, policies, context, and networks for creativity, problem solving, learning, knowledge transfer, and innovation;
  • environment sensing, forecasting, and strategic planning for change and opportunity pursuit;
  • idea generation to implementation, leveraging an array of creativity, innovation, technology, and business management tools; and
  • adoption to the diffusion of an innovation.

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Research leaders
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Dr Phyra Sok, Monash University

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Research areas
innovation, entrepreneurship, strategy, leadership, management, marketing, psychology, capabilities, resources, knowledge, value chain, r&d, technology, digital, ecosystems, qut business research


Our partners include governments, industries, organisations, leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs, who:

  • value our thought leadership, rigorous research approach, and practical advice;
  • seek clarity and solutions to complex problems, in dynamic and uncertain environments;
  • want to identify and pursue opportunities for success, including with emerging technologies, in new economies, new markets, new business models, innovations, and solutions; and
  • appreciate a trusted partnership which synergistically harnesses the strengths of diverse talent and delivers results.

Academically, our group publishes in world class journals and speaks at international conferences in the core fields of innovation, management, marketing, psychology, and entrepreneurship, and collaborates with other experts from these areas, both locally and internationally.

This breadth and depth of group expertise is augmented by additional qualifications, and both public and private sector experience, including in policy, engineering, science, technology management, intellectual property, facilitating, HR and consulting.

Our expertise is enhanced by maintaining active linkages, and activating collaborations, with world class inter-disciplinary researchers, including from information systems, science, engineering, economics, creative industries and the Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship (ACE) at QUT.

Our research and commercial services leverage a broad array of robust quantitative, qualitative, and data-driven techniques. We also have access to QUT's cutting-edge technology and facilities, including the Social Media Intelligence Centre for analytics, mapping, and social listening.

Our group attracts, develops, and graduates new research talent, offering esteemed mentorship and competitive scholarship opportunities for selected students in our post-graduate research programs.

We also provide educational, training and professional development services for executives, professionals and students, including through the University’s esteemed business school - Australia’s first to achieve triple international accreditation.

Publications and output

Selected publications

Arundel, A., Casali, L., & Hollanders, H. (In press). How European public sector agencies innovate: the use of bottom-up, policy-dependent and knowledge-scanning innovation methods. Research Policy ISSN 0048-7333 (In press)

Bianchi, C., & Mathews, S. (In press) Internet marketing and export market growth: An empirical study in Chile, Journal of Business Research.

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Weerawardena, J., Sullivan Mort, G.M., Salunke, S., Knight, G., Liesch, P. (2015) The role of the market sub-system and the socio-technical sub-system in innovation and firm performance: a dynamic capabilities approach, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science p221-239.

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Matthews, J., & Bucolo, S. (2013). Improving opportunity recognition and business performance in small and medium manufacturing enterprises through design innovation programs. Journal of Asia Entrepreneurship and Sustainability, 9(1), pp. 116-135.

Public talks and symposiums

We run and take part in a range of public talks and research activities exploring innovation such as:


Dynamic capabilities of innovation and change

Contact us for more information about our research.

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  • Int. phone: +61 7 3138 9019 or +61 7 3138 0939
  • Email: dcic@qut.edu.au