Project status: Completed

Research and advocacy related to consumer issues in the national energy market is led by the Consumer Advocate, Electricity, a specialist project within the Law and Justice Research Centre (LJRC) at the Faculty of Law at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT).  

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Consumers Advocacy Panel
Organisational unit
Lead unit Faculty of Law Other units
Start date
1st January 2000
End date
1st January 2000
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The project seeks to harness the experience and expertise within the LJRC, including the Credit, Commercial and Consumer Law Program (CCCL), the faculty, other faculties and the university and the broader community.

Our historical roots

The Consumer Advocate, Electricity position was originally established in March 2004 and attached to the Centre for Credit and Consumer Law at the Griffith University Law School with the objective of promoting the attainment of a fairer, safer and more efficient marketplace. The re-establishment of the Centre as a program within the LJRC at QUT in 2009 also saw the move of this position to the LJRC which allows the project to build on its advances, profile and reputation and to draw upon a broader range of expertise, resources, linkages and networks within the Queensland and Australian consumer, business, industry, government and academic communities.

Our work on issues for consumers of electricity

The Consumer Advocate's work aims to build a deeper level of insight and knowledge about issues concerning residential, business, rural and remote consumers of electricity. The Consumer Advocate endeavours to build the capacity of representative consumer organisations to test and deliver a balanced and informed consumer perspective into the development of the national energy market in Australia. The Consumer Advocate also facilitates evidenced-based research initiatives that can identify, analyse and test issues that affect consumers of electricity.

Our approach

The Consumer Advocate's role aims to be dynamic and integrate a wide network of expertise and experience to build a body of insight and knowledge about the consumer perspective within the electricity market. This insight and knowledge is intended to provide the foundation on which the Consumer Advocate seeks to provide objective insight into complex issues facing Australian governments, regulators, policy makers, industry and consumer organisations. Advocacy and research initiatives in this context are to be intended to facilitate public conversations about the issues that have a direct impact on consumers of electricity and inspire the development of relevant and balanced solutions.