Project status: In progress

Students in Australian schools bring different worldviews, experiences and abilities to their learning. A body of research indicates that prejudice emerges relatively early in childhood. Therefore it is important to promote moral integrity and tolerance in the early years.

This project investigates how young children's core beliefs about knowledge (epistemic beliefs) influence their moral reasoning for social inclusion across the early school years. The Australian National curriculum specifies that students should develop capabilities for ethical behaviour and intercultural understanding through their schooling. Findings from this project can inform teachers' pedagogy to support the development of these capabilities in their classrooms.


Australian Research Council (ARC)

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QUT External collaborators
  • Associate Professor Eva Johansson, University of Gothenburg
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Lead unit Office of Education Research Other units
Start date
1 January 2013
End date
31 December 2015
Research areas
epistemic beliefs, values education, children's reasoning