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This project aims to identify and explain dynamics and patterns in families' decisions about parents' career opportunities that require relocation and educational plans for all family members, to understand how matters of school choice and educational strategy can impact on workforce planning issues and regional development.The research question driving this proposal is:

How do families reconcile strategies of mobility to further adult careers with educational strategy and plans for family members?

This will be addressed through a series of sub-questions:

  • Under what conditions are families (not) prepared to move to pursue career opportunities?
  • Under what conditions are families (not) prepared to move to pursue educational opportunities?
  • How do families engage with work and educational opportunities in rural and remote settings?
  • Do families with different material and social resources reconcile these priorities differently?

Australian Research Council (Discovery)

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Lead unit Office of Education Research Other units
Start date
1 January 2011
End date
31 December 2015
Research areas
Career Mobility, Education Markets, Career opportunities



The research team would like to acknowledge the support and assistance of the following organisations:

  • Australian Medical Association Queensland
  • Local Government Association of Queensland
  • Queensland Nurses' Union
  • Queensland Police Service
  • Queensland Teachers' Union.

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