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This project will investigate acoustic environmental sensing using Raspberry Pi or Beagleboard open source computers. In particular, the project will investigate how sound can be captured, processed and uploaded from such devices.

The project would suit a student interested in:

  • Linux
  • sound
  • programming.

Research activities

Research will focus on the trade-offs involved in recording, processing and transmitting sound on an embedded device. This will take the form of an investigation where you will perform a series of experiments that involve writing programs and taking measurements to investigate processing vs power vs communication trade-offs.

Devices will be trialled in the field at our Samford Ecological Research Facility.

Expected outcomes

The expected outcomes for this project are:

  • a prototype system
  • a short report or paper on findings.

Project duration

The duration of the project is 8 weeks.

Study level
Organisational unit

Science and Engineering Faculty

Lead unit

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science School

Research areas
sensor, acoustics, embedded computer, Linux


Contact the supervisor for more information.