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In many countries, students from the majority and minority ethnic groups share the same school environment. Discrimination and social stereotypes towards minority ethnic groups are often present in the school environment and have consequences in terms of self-confidence, motivation and educational attainment for members of minority ethnic groups.

Research activities

The project entails writing a review of the academic literature in social sciences on the topic of ethnic discrimination and stereotypes in the school environment.

The literature review on this topic involves searching and summarising existing academic studies that focus on the development of discriminatory behaviour and stereotypes among the young category of the population, as well as its consequences for educational attainment of members of minority ethnic groups.

You'll produce a draft paper on the topic.

You'll gain skills in:

  • organising ideas and dealing with different arguments for and against the ideas
  • using research databases
  • sorting materials for a focused research project
  • thinking critically
  • writing following a structure.

Required skills and experience

This project will be relevant to you if you're aiming to pursue a master or honours degree with QUT Business School and have an interest in behavioural economics, sociology and education.

We encourage students who identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander to apply.

Study level
Vacation research experience scheme
Organisational unit

QUT Business School

Research areas
behavioural economics, education, ethnic discrimination

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