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Motivation/Background: Augmented Reality (AR) is an emerging topic of research and application, particularly for its affordance in the areas of remote collaborative tasks, especially those around physical artefacts, where there is a need for a shared understanding in an intuitive workspace. In particular, compared to other collaboration approaches, AR allows for intuitive gesture-recognition on the part of the users, via the avatar embodying the remote user.

This project will investigate user interface approaches for using augmented reality interfaces in process modelling and sales service aggregation scenarios. The process modelling project seeks to create a BPMN modelling tool for large enterprises to facilitate remote stakeholder consultations (left image). Alternatively, another project involves the development of a remote sales assistant tool for people to purchase goods using mobile devices in their own home, with remotely connected sales assistants with access to financial and product information services.

Aims/Outcomes: Students will help with the scripting and further development of the AR prototype within the Open Simulator 3D Virtual Environment. The prototype systems will be extended with file handling capabilities, web-service integration and conversational/behavioural AI approaches for automated agents.

Required Knowledge: some Business Process Modelling knowledge, general programming/scripting experience, high level 3D programming/AI programming skills.

Further Information:Ross Brown's blog containing papers, videos and other project information

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