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We're renowned for our quality educational programs and research, and are proud to be home to world-class scholars. Our academics and students benefit from our thriving research culture and highly regarded research portfolio.

Research programs and groups

Business School research

Our researchers are part of the School of Economics and Finance at the QUT Business School.

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Evidence of research quality

ERA (Excellence in Research for Australia) 2015 score:

  • 3 (at world standard)
    • Economics (FOR 14)
    • Applied Economics (FOR 1402)

ERA (Excellence in Research for Australia) evaluates the quality of research undertaken in Australian universities against national and international benchmarks.

Publication output

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We are highly successful in obtaining nationally competitive grants such as Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery and Linkage.



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Student topics

Potential topics for new research students, and topics our students are currently studying.


Our research delivers solutions to significant problems and creates new understandings that impact on the real world. These are just some examples of the difference our research makes.

Valuing the environment

Our insights into environmental valuation and commercial tourism have informed governments and environmental protection agencies at both state and federal levels.

The psychology of tax

We collected physiological data providing evidence that guilt plays a role in motivating people to pay their taxes.

'QUT's cutting-edge analysis of tax morale and its linkages to regulatory compliance has proven foundational to the policy recommendations to our clients in the newest member countries of the European Union.' Truman G. Packard, Lead Economist, Human Development Economics, World Bank

Forecasting financial instability

We're developing novel statistical methods to forecast the onset of instability in asset prices. Understanding what leads to instability helps us predict the outcome of high volatility events.

The emotional cost of financial decisions

We measured the heart rates of people making financial decisions and found that people making generous offers were less stressed than those making low offers. The results indicate there is an emotional cost to treating someone unfairly.

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