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Consumers, markets and stakeholders


Research in consumer behaviour involves working to understand people's thoughts and emotions, attitudes, motivations and actions.

As psychology professionals, business managers, and marketing and communication experts, we use our real-world skills to get the answers.

Research programs

Details about our researchers and their areas of expertise:

Business School research

Our researchers are part of the School of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations at the QUT Business School and collaborate widely for cross-disciplinary research.

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Research excellence

ERA (Excellence in Research for Australia) 2012 score:

  • 3 (at world standard)

ERA (Excellence in Research for Australia) evaluates the quality of research undertaken in Australian universities against national and international benchmarks.

Grants and funding

We attract significant research funds through government grants, as well as public sector, industry and cooperative research centre funding.

Between 2010 and 2013 our income exceeded $750,000.


Our research is published in journals, books and conference proceedings.



This is just a sample of our research activity in this area.

Student topics

Potential topics for new research students, and topics our students are currently studying.


We foster partnerships with industry and government to solve complex problems and create innovative solutions.

Our close links with academic institutions worldwide ensure our research is at the leading edge.

International linkages

  • IAE Business School, Argentina
  • University of Alberta, Canada
  • University of British Columbia, Canada
  • York University, UK
  • Vienna University, Austria
  • Bournemouth University, UK
  • University of Saint Gallen, Switzerland
  • University of Oregon, US

Significant corporate partnerships

  • Brisbane Airport Corporation
  • Black Dog Institute
  • Australian Red Cross Blood Service
  • Inspire Foundation
  • CitySmart (Brisbane City Council's sustainability agency)

Cross-disciplinary engagement

  • QUT Digital media, communication and culture
  • Smart Services CRC
  • CRC for rail innovation


We take pride in conducting world-class research that is relevant to professionals, students, colleagues and the community. Our academics conduct focused research that has an impact on social and cultural community issues, providing quality solutions to real problems.

These are just a few examples of how our research has benefited industry and the community.

Donating blood

We investigated why Generation Y don't give blood and found disparities between the services on offer and young people's perceptions on blood donation.

Recognition on social media networks, an app that reminds them when and where to donate and lets them compete with their donating friends - that's what Generation Y wants.

'QUT's research provides an evidence base to support the marketing messages and strategies we use to reach our donor groups.' Dr Geoff Smith, Australian Red Cross Blood Service

Bullying attitudes

We surveyed young people to identify the impact of the Inspire Foundation's website on attitudes towards bullying. Our research helped Inspire to shape mental health reform.

'Our partnership with QUT contributes to future policy debates that shape mental health reform.' Aram Hosie, Inspire Foundation

Men in supermarkets

We conducted the world's first profile of male consumers engaged in family food shopping, and discovered a new type of shopper that responds to strong value offers. These new consumers are young, well educated males starting a career or family, who are willing to share responsibility for family food shopping.

Using mobile games and apps to change behaviours

We have partnered with CitySmart (Brisbane City Council's sustainability agency) to develop a smartphone game to help low income earners reduce their electricity use.

The 'Reduce Your Juice' game has been designed with behaviour change theories as frameworks and is one of the world's first research collaborations of this kind.

'The CitySmart and QUT partnership demonstrates how real innovation can be achieved through collaboration. This cutting-edge digital engagement approach will lead to new learnings and knowledge in the energy sector. QUT provided a broad theoretical foundation to shape the design of the program and a thorough evaluation framework to capture the program outcomes and learnings.' CitySmart

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