Children grow and learn across multiple sites and in a wide range of historical, contemporary and future contexts.

Our research within the early years investigates:

  • young children's rights and citizenship
  • cultural and multilingual contexts and childhoods
  • evaluation of early childhood, school-based, or parenting interventions, programs, policies, practices, and initiatives
  • the early childhood education and care workforce.
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young children’s everyday lives, young children’s rights to provision, protection, and participation, communication and social relationships in institutional contexts, children’s active citizenship for sustainability, cultural and multilingual childhoods, diversity and inclusion in the early years, infants and toddlers, EC workforce, pedagogies for learning, children’s health and wellbeing, curriculum, program, and practice evaluation, parenting, ECEC policy, social justice and equity, early childhood education and care


For more information, contact Associate Professor Kerryann Walsh or Professor Susan Danby.