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Wonder of Science on show for school students at QUT

29-05-2015 - 29-05-2015 High school students will get a chance to "speed meet scientists" in 10 minute sessions during a one-day event at QUT's Gardens Point campus this Friday (May 29).

Roadside air can be more charged than under a high-voltage power line

28-05-2015 Despite community concerns about living under high-voltage power lines, a world-first QUT study reveals that there are far more charged particles beside busy roads.

Assault & robbery rates impact high-end property values

27-05-2015 Ascot and Chelmer homeowners share a common problem with those in Inala and Cleveland - their property values are affected by changes in rates of personal crimes such as assault and robbery in their suburbs.

Why Aussies aren’t buying plug-in cars: QUT study

26-05-2015 Is it price, perception or the sales person stopping Australians buying electric cars?

Fairfax scholarships help rural and regional students achieve their academic dreams

26-05-2015 Moving to Brisbane has been a big step for first year QUT student Tahlia Fatnowna, who left her family behind on the remote island of Groot Eylandt in the Gulf of Carpentaria to follow her dream to learn.

Cultures of complaint: “whingeing Poms” and “bloody-minded” Aussies

25-05-2015 British people would rather tell all their friends and relations about a bad experience at a restaurant or faulty product than formally complain, whereas Australians prefer to be up-front and solve the problem directly with the restaurateur or retailer, a cross-cultural marketing study of complaint styles has found.

Professor joins the ranks of Australia’s most distinguished scientists

25-05-2015 Computers doing things that are characteristically human is a lifelong fascination and something of a career ambition for QUT Professor Peter Bartlett.

MEDIA ADVISORY: QUT physicist can comment on Nepal’s latest disastrous landslide

25-05-2015 QUT's Dr Stephen Hughes is available to comment on Nepal's latest landslide emergency which has blocked the flow of the Kali Gandaki River, threatening downstream villages.

New device could spell the end of no balls

22-05-2015 Foot fault no balls could be eliminated from cricket thanks to a new device that aims to stop bowlers overstepping the mark.

Resources royalties can be State Government revenue raiser

22-05-2015 The Queensland Government could raise much-needed revenue by revamping the way it collects resources royalties from miners, according to a QUT economist.


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