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Queensland business legends earn place in Hall of Fame

31-07-2015 Legends of Queensland's rich and varied business landscape have been honoured with a permanent place in the Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame.

Hand-held “op shop” lets you re-order your wardrobe at the bus stop

31-07-2015 It's fast fashion but in a sustainable way. Australians can now buy and sell their pre-loved clothing on the move with a new mobile app developed by QUT students Rachel Treasure, William Sutherland, Nathan Zerk and Michael McClenaghan launched this week.

Australia urged to join space exploration: NASA scientist

30-07-2015 The first female and first Australian principal investigator to lead any mission to Mars has warned Australia is missing a golden opportunity to inspire - and retain - the next generation of home-grown scientists, engineers and technologists if it doesn't join the growing league of nations involved in space exploration.

Online loans likely to lead to the payday debt spiral

30-07-2015 Resorting to the mobile phone for a quick injection of cash is on the rise as more online lenders join the market, a trend likely to lead more Australians into a spiral of debt, says QUT poverty researcher Professor Greg Marston.

QUT fashion students put style and sun-safety into exercise wear

29-07-2015 High sun-protection clothing and high fashion don't usually go hand in hand, except when eight QUT design students are given the task of creating stylish AND practical sun-safe exercise wear.

Queensland Road Safety Awards finalists announced

29-07-2015 A system designed to speed up the arrival of emergency vehicles and an initiative to raise public awareness about the laws and correct installation of child car restraints, are just two of the finalists in the Queensland Road Safety Awards.

QUT opens retrain your brain fitness lab

29-07-2015 A QUT neuroscientist says advances in brain imaging technology provide solid evidence that brains can be retrained.

Free QUT clinic uses exercise to combat post-traumatic stress disorder and depression

28-07-2015 With post-traumatic stress disorder affecting almost one million Australians every year, QUT Health Clinics and the White Cloud Foundation have today launched a free clinic of exercise training for sufferers.

Bollywood trip hones global entertainment skills

28-07-2015 It's the dream trip before they land their dream jobs.

Unlocking the way we were: Cooking for Copyright

27-07-2015 Much of Australia's social history - the letters, recipes, photos, diaries of the people who went before us - is locked away forever because, as unpublished works, copyright in them lasts indefinitely if the owner has not given permission for their publication.


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