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Genes that raise the chances of non-identical twins identified

29-04-2016 Gene variants that increase by 29 per cent a woman’s chance of giving birth to non-identical twins have been identified in a breakthrough international collaboration by researchers from Queensland, Iceland, Netherlands and the US.

New technologies to eliminate fossil fuel use in the sugar industry

28-04-2016 QUT researchers are leading the way in developing and testing new technologies as part of a $5.7 million three-year project with the potential to eliminate the use of fossil fuels in the sugar industry.

QUT first-time novelist signs two-book deal with UK publisher

28-04-2016 A novel about a crime-solving courtesan set in 1860s London written by a QUT Creative Industries academic and PhD candidate has been snapped up by UK publishing company Legend Press.

Suspicious skin lesion images sent to doctors via mobile app for faster cancer detection

28-04-2016 QUT is leading an international study to increase rates of early melanoma diagnosis via a mobile app that can take and send images of suspicious lesions to dermatologists during self-skin or partner-assisted skin examinations for rapid diagnosis or be used as a method of second opinion by general practitioners.

Hospital patients who miss or eat small meals raise their risk of death

27-04-2016 Hospital patients who eat less than a quarter of the food they are offered or who are already malnourished are significantly more likely to die within 30 days of admission, research on more than 3000 patients in 56 Australian and New Zealand hospitals has found.

Guns, IP, product liability – how will our laws deal with the ‘3D printing revolution’? 29 April QUT forum

26-04-2016 While ordinary consumers have, so far, been underwhelmed by the ‘3D printing revolution’, business and government are keenly investigating its potential, leaving the way open for them to hold ownership and power over this technology.

Let Parliament deal with its liars; not Queensland police

26-04-2016 Lying to Parliament should be dealt with in-house rather than referred to police as a criminal matter, QUT Crime and Justice Research Centre Adjunct Associate Professor, John Mickel said today.

Halfway set to pip others at post with major international music award

21-04-2016 Halfway, a band with strong QUT connections is up for an International Songwriting Competition award which coincides with the launch of its new, Nashville-recorded album, The Golden Halfway Record.

Superconductors unveiled at QUT research facility

20-04-2016 Prototype high-temperature superconductors were unveiled at a QUT research facility this week, as part of a landmark research agreement between German engineering giant Siemens, QUT and the Australian Government’s Defence Science and Technology Group.

3D printed ear research boosted with Advance Queensland scholarship

20-04-2016 Printing 3D ears for people born with microtia – a congenital condition where the external ear is underdeveloped or non-existent that affects 2-3 births in 10,000 – is the subject of an Advance Queensland Scholarship for QUT PhD student Rena Cruz.


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