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The science of comfort: a good night’s sleep rests on your spine’s biomechanics

22-05-2017 A three-year study by QUT biomedical researchers in the Paediatric Spine Research Group (PSRG) aims to deepen our understanding of the concepts of comfort by using new techniques to look at how the spine reacts in different lying positions.

Entrepreneurship course gives rise to med-tech startups

22-05-2017 A fashionable pair of earrings for women with gestational diabetes that automatically monitors and helps control blood glucose levels and a device to help brain to bladder function among geriatric patients are among the newest medical innovations being built in Brisbane.

Leading from the top: $400 million gift coincides with wider philanthropy ‘flatlining’

22-05-2017 QUT philanthropy researcher Associate Professor Wendy Scaife has welcomed today’s $400 million national gift by Twiggy and Nicola Forrest as a ‘role model’ act of generosity in a time of wider philanthropy ‘flatlining’.

Public parks designed to entice people of all ages & abilities a must to prevent obesity

22-05-2017 Well-designed local parks full of stimulating and challenging experiences could inspire people of all ages to be physically active and help prevent obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, says QUT landscape architect Dr Debra Cushing.

QUT News & Events Wrap - May 22 edition

22-05-2017 Welcome to QUT's weekly round-up of news and events. For more updates as they happen, join 16,128 followers of @QUTmedia on Twitter.  To subscribe to this wrap, please email

How much do you know about your rights under end-of-life law in your state or territory in Australia?

22-05-2017 Australia has a complex array of end-of-life laws because each state and territory has its own laws, say QUT’s Australian Centre for Health Law Research (ACHLR) directors Professors Ben White and Lindy Willmott.

The heat is on: urban planning risks raising Brisbane suburb temperatures

19-05-2017 The number of Brisbane suburbs suffering “extreme” temperature rises will increase unless effective planning policies are introduced, QUT research has found.

The Great Disrupter: eight things you need to know about Artificial Intelligence

18-05-2017 If it hasn’t already, AI is going to change a whole lot of things in your life, says QUT Associate Professor Michael Milford who every day has multiple requests to explain to all of us how AI is seeping into every corner.

Pepper a peek into the future of social robotics

18-05-2017 It may be petite, but Pepper carries the future of robotics on its narrow shoulders.

Changing face of ageing demands new approach to senior living

18-05-2017 “Baby Boomers are ageing, but they aren’t getting ‘old’” said Professor Laurie Buys, a QUT researcher from the Institute of Future Environments at the recent launch of Senior Living Innovation, a unique partnership between QUT, RSL Care + RDNS, Aveo, Stockland, Ballycara and the IRT Group.


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