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Cricketers must hit ‘Gold Medal Fever’ for six for World Cup success

26-03-2015 Australia's cricketers must resist "Gold Medal Fever" and attempt to keep cool heads in the pressure cooker atmosphere of today's Cricket World Cup semi-final, a QUT sport and exercise psychologist says.

Prostate cancer grant boost for QUT researchers

26-03-2015 Ground-breaking QUT research will investigate a new test for prostate cancer, using technology developed by Australian industry partner Minomic International Ltd (Minomic).

‘Go outside and play’ means different things to kids and parents

25-03-2015 'Play is children's work', it is often said. Children tend to agree because many, when asked about what they are doing at kindy, insist their activity is 'work' or 'building' or 'painting', a QUT study has found.

Robot revolution will change world of work

24-03-2015 Robots will fundamentally change the shape of the workforce in the next decade but many industries will still need a human touch, a QUT Future of Work Conference has heard.

A king's bones under a carpark? Free public talk @ QUT

23-03-2015 The Australian genetic statistician who helped prove British archaeology's most exciting find of modern times - that a twisted skeleton found under a Leicester council carpark was the remains of King Richard III - will give a free public talk at QUT just three days before the king is buried again in a ceremonial reinterment set to capture the world's attention.

QUT becomes first Australian uni to sign research deal with China’s largest province

23-03-2015 QUT Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Coaldrake today signed a landmark Agreement on Research Collaboration with China's Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the first of its kind by an Australian university.

Rush to crush risks medicine effectiveness

23-03-2015 People who take more than four doses of medicine a day appear more likely to crush tablets or open capsules potentially reducing their effectiveness, QUT research has found.

Don’t let sweet treats leave a sour taste this Easter

23-03-2015 Waking to a chocolate egg or two on Easter Sunday is a pleasure most children look forward to, but parents are advised to be moderate and not shower kids with a mountain of chocolate they will be eating for weeks to come.

Business success sees students reach summit

23-03-2015 Students from QUT Business School have won an esteemed international competition, beating some of the finest business schools in the world to secure the prestigious prize.

QUT creating the world’s Airports of the Future

20-03-2015 This airport is shaping the future of air travel yet it doesn't have a runway.


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