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Hospital records key to preventing child injuries: QUT study

26-11-2015 Almost 50 per cent of child injures requiring treatment in emergency departments are linked to consumer products, but a lack of detailed hospital records is restricting child safety experts from identifying if a product fault or misuse is the cause, a QUT study has found.

Bobbing buoy set to be early flood warning system

25-11-2015 A unique, floating, GPS-enabled device developed at QUT that could act as an early flood warning system will be further advanced with an ARC Linkage grant in partnership with Sunshine Coast Council.

Have your say on wearable gadgets that help avoid sunburn

25-11-2015 Wearable gadgets are the new wave of sun protection offering the potential to reduce skin cancer rates to those most at risk of sunburn, young people aged 18-35, according to QUT researchers.

Red panda Ray targets Schoolies’ alcohol abuse

25-11-2015 A funky, flirty red panda called Ray could be the answer to stopping Schoolies binge-drinking and “crossing their stupid line”, according to QUT research.

Domestic violence victims should seek help early as Xmas approaches

24-11-2015 Seek help early if you are at risk of domestic violence, is the advice from QUT criminologist Professor Kerry Carrington as Christmas approaches.

Sharing economy can help financial struggles

24-11-2015 The power of the sharing economy in shaking up traditional industries can be harnessed to help financially struggling Queenslanders, according to QUT research.

Paris poker game: COP21 leaders gambling with our future

23-11-2015 The 21st Conference of Parties (COP21) in Paris won’t secure real action on climate change because member countries aren’t coming clean with their environmental data, a QUT academic has warned.

Property prices on Brisbane suburbs near airport or under flight path continue to rise

23-11-2015 Aircraft noise has had minimal if any impact on property prices in suburbs near or under the flight paths to Brisbane Airport, a QUT analysis of 26 years of property sales, rental and investment performance have found.

The march of progress? Australian Defence Force working on flexibility

23-11-2015 Flexible working practices have infiltrated the ranks of the Australian Defence Force, debunking the myth it is a rigid and regimented employer, according to QUT research.

Clean and green: Energy efficiency boost for engineers of the future

23-11-2015 A virtual classroom that will help Australia's universities create "greener" engineers of the future has opened online.


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