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Dance study puts people with Parkinson’s on the front foot

04-03-2015 Brisbane researchers have proven that a community dance program can improve the health and wellbeing of people living with Parkinson's disease.

How a plastic pipe could stop an inland tsunami and power a village

03-03-2015 With world temperatures rising, the prospect of inland tsunamis in countries containing glacial lakes, such as Bhutan, is increasing but QUT researchers believe they have come up with a solution and are inviting the public to help get their project off the ground.

QUT School of Justice leads the way in real-world domestic violence education

02-03-2015 A new domestic violence stand-alone course offered by QUT's School of Justice has attracted 230 students from many disciplines and walks of life for its first semester.

Australia must improve how we ration our healthcare

02-03-2015 Australia's struggling healthcare system is not making best use of available funding when deciding on allocating money to different services and should adopt international best-practice to achieve better healthcare rationing.

Ocean research vessel returns from the ice edge with first-of-its-kind atmospheric measurements

02-03-2015 Scientists have commissioned Australia's first permanent ship-based labs to study the influence of both natural ocean emissions and human emissions on the composition of air over the Southern Ocean.

Rate cut risks confidence dip

27-02-2015 There is "little point" in the Reserve Bank of Australia cutting interest rates on Tuesday and a move could drive business and consumer confidence "even lower".

Aerial robots, artificial intelligence and statistics revolutionise wildlife tracking and research

26-02-2015 Monitoring the movements and populations of koalas, dingos, feral pigs and other wildlife will be a lot easier thanks to a QUT collaboration involving a dynamic blend of high profile research areas including aerial robots, artificial intelligence and Bayesian statistics.

QUT students help save Colombian gold mine for traditional land owners

26-02-2015 A team of QUT students, including Queensland's 2015 Rhodes Scholar Brody Foy, has worked with students from Bogota's Universidad de Los Andes and Universidad del Norte to keep a Colombian gold mine in the hands of traditional owners and prevent them from getting mercury poisoning.

New fossil timeline database opens for the tree of life

25-02-2015 Data on the origins of Australia's unique platypus, echidna and kangaroos have been added to a new open-source database that will help researchers more accurately estimate when all species first arose.

Unmanned Aircraft: Mission Possible thanks to Project ResQu

25-02-2015 QUT unmanned aircraft researchers have made what's believed to be a world-first breakthrough for small unmanned aircraft (UA) under 20 kilograms, developing an automated emergency landing system (AELS) that has enabled the aircraft to land on its its own.


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