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Cultures of complaint: “whingeing Poms” and “bloody-minded” Aussies

25-05-2015 British people would rather tell all their friends and relations about a bad experience at a restaurant or faulty product than formally complain, whereas Australians prefer to be up-front and solve the problem directly with the restaurateur or retailer, a cross-cultural study marketing study of complaint styles has found.

Professor joins the ranks of Australia’s most distinguished scientists

25-05-2015 Computers doing things that are characteristically human is a lifelong fascination and something of a career ambition for QUT Professor Peter Bartlett.

New device could spell the end of no balls

22-05-2015 Foot fault no balls could be eliminated from cricket thanks to a new device that aims to stop bowlers overstepping the mark.

Resources royalties can be State Government revenue raiser

22-05-2015 The Queensland Government could raise much-needed revenue by revamping the way it collects resources royalties from miners, according to a QUT economist.

Religious feeling influences new product uptake

21-05-2015 Companies introducing new products or services could face significant delays in adoption if they ignore the religious status of their target market.

Digging deep to unearth success in mining ventures

21-05-2015 New light has been shone on the pathway to success for mineral exploration ventures in Australia.

QUT looking for inspired researchers and academics

21-05-2015 QUT is looking for 40 inspired researchers and academics to join its fold. Australia's fastest growing research university, QUT is further expanding its research capacity, intending to attract 20 innovative research fellows across a wide range of disciplines from new fields such as medical robotics to technology, strategy and innovation to bioproducts and digital productivity.

Profiling our worst speeding offenders: CARRS-Q study

20-05-2015 Drivers who excessively and regularly speed are also more likely to break other laws with a QUT study revealing more than 55 per cent of repeat high-range speeding offenders have a criminal history.

Crying wolf on youth crime wave in Queensland leads to record detentions

20-05-2015 Youth crime has been in decline for a decade but the number of young people in detention in Queensland has increased 34 per cent over the past five years.

Flood aftermath linked to post-traumatic stress: QUT study

19-05-2015 Brisbane flood victims suffered more psychological distress during the rebuilding phase than as waters inundated their homes and businesses, a QUT study has found.


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