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100 QUT students to act in new black comedy

14th September 2006

A body of 100 QUT drama students has been selected as "extras" for The Roundhouse Theatre's latest play, Victory.

Written by controversial sex therapist, politics lecturer and writer-director Dr Patricia Petersen, Victory is based on her experience of running against Federal Health Minister Tony Abbott in the seat of Warringah at the 2004 election.

The students will form a human tunnel as patrons enter the theatre, and then, dressed as public servants, they will walk across the stage looking directly at the audience shouting out words such as "restructure" and "team work".

Dr Petersen said it usurped the idea that audience members were the subjects and actors the objects of a production.

"It also symbolises the idea that we're constantly being monitored and even if we're not we're left with the suspicion that we might be - an example is late at night when there are no cars around we still stop at red lights thinking that we may be caught," she said.

"It also reflects my time campaigning against Tony Abbott. Even though I was an independent and had no chance of winning, my preferences had the potential to get Labor across the line, so I was followed constantly."

Dr Petersen said the students would learn a lot from taking part in the play.

"The theory behind the play will be crystallised in their minds by being an integral part of the performance which can often be a better way to learn than just listening to the theory on its own," she said.

Victory was written at Dr Petersen's childhood home in Ipswich and involves three main actors - Chris Maker, John Harris and Patricia Petersen playing the roles of senior bureaucrat, husband and wife respectively.

Victory will be performed on Saturday, September 16 at 2pm, 4pm, 6pm and 8pm at La Boite Theatre, Creative Industries Precinct, Kelvin Grove.

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**a high-res images of Patricia Petersen with students is available**

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