2nd October 2013

Wordster Freya Wright-Brough's fingers will be poised over her laptop tonight (Friday).

At precisely 10pm those fingers will hit the keys and write non-stop for 24 hours micro stories about ... well whatever ideas people tweet or facebook to her.

A QUT creative writing graduate, Freya's mission is to write as many short stories as she can as part of the National Young Writers' Festival.

"I think it is a way of making my writing a bit more edgy," she said. "I'm not a coffee drinker but I think I'll become one by the end of this.

"I usually have a fair amount of ideas but I will try to depend as much as possible on what people send me to write about.

If you want a real, live writer to put words to your ideas follow Freya on @freyawriter or like her on facebook.com/24hrwritingchallenge.

All of the stories written throughout the challenge will be posted to her website freyawrightbrough.com.

Freya likes to rise to a writing challenge. In February she was one of number of young Brisbane writers who wrote a 300-word romance story for paper napkins distributed in Brisbane cafes as part of Flash Fiction, organised by fellow QUT creative writing graduate Sue Wright.

Her story "God, not another Bad Hair Day" was about the god of the BHD who is fed-up with the job until he causes two people to meet and fall in love.

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