News - Celebrating 20 years of the Learning Potential Fund

28th March 2018

The Learning Potential Fund has supported students since 1998. To celebrate 20 years, we're sharing the stories of 20 students.

The first story is of Hayley Fox, a Learning Potential Fund scholarship recipient studying law.

Hayley grew up in a Wallaville, with her parents and five older brothers but at age 10 when her parents divorced, she watched them struggle to keep the children happy, fed and clothed.

Her brothers dropped out of school, and eventually she considered doing the same.

"If I got a job I could help my parents financially," Hayley said. 

Then a close friend suffered an injury at work and the whole family was left distraught.

Hayley saw how hard it was for some people to get legal advice and help - the family had no idea what avenues were open to them for looking after him, or what compensation he was legally entitled to.

It was then that Hayley realised she wanted to be the link between rural and low-socio economic families and legal assistance.

"My hard work in high school paid off and an OP 3 guaranteed me a place in law at QUT," Hayley said.

"But the awful reality was that we just didn’t have the money for me to move to Brisbane; let alone sustain a life here."

However, the Learning Potential Fund provided Hayley with financial support, helping her to move to Brisbane and take the first step towards her goals.

"The Learning Potential Fund changed my life. Without it, I would not be studying law and chasing my dream of making a difference in the world."

While completing her studies, Hayley is working part time as a Para Legal at Feeney Family Law, an opportunity that was provided to her by Kay Feeney, a valued donor to the Learning Potential Fund.

Watch Hayley's story now:

The fund has disbursed more than 17,000 scholarships and bursaries to students like Hayley in the past 20 years, but there are thousands more who need our help. 

If you want to help students like Hayley, you can donate online now. Every donation to the LPF is matched dollar-for-dollar by QUT; doubling the impact of your generosity.

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