News - Australia’s screen future is online: time to support our new content creators

23rd August 2017

Ever heard of Mighty Car Mods? Or maybe RackaRacka? Or perhaps Veritasium? These are a few of the most famous Australian screen creators you might never have heard of.

Mighty Car Mods are a couple of petrolheads who run the world’s number-one independent online DIY automotive show (their most-viewed video has had 6.6 million views).

RackaRacka, run out of Adelaide by brothers Danny and Michael Philippou, creates action-packed videos full of choreographed fight scenes, comic violence, and pop culture references (their Marvel v DC video has had nearly 50 million views). Graeme Mason, the CEO of Screen Australia, has described RackaRacka as Australia’s most successful content creator.

You might know Veritasium as Derek Muller, presenter of SBS documentaries on nuclear power, but who has been leading Australia’s contribution to popular science online and around the world (with 35 million views for his video on the Magnus Effect). Watch Would you take this bet? video below.


Writing in The Conversation, Distinguished Professor Stuart Cunningham said last week the Australian government released a consultation paper as part of its review into Australian and Children’s Screen Content.

"The paper acknowledges the explosion of screen content available to Australians online, and the disruption this has caused to many traditional business models in the screen sector. However, it is fair to say there is no consensus on what, if anything, to do about it," Professor Cunningham said.

"A new industry is emerging based on previously amateur creators turning pro and working across many platforms such as Youtube and other social media, building global fan communities and creating their own media brands.

"Established industry professionals worry about its lack of quality and that online content creation is not a sustainable career. Actually, it is a real opportunity for Australian creators," he said.

Read Distinguished Professor Stuart Cunningham's full article on The Conversation.


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