1st November 2016

A QUT project aiming to address boys’ underachievement in reading has received funding in the latest round of Australian Research Council (ARC) grants.

Projects investigating issues including procrastination at school, intellectual property and 3D printing, and environmental sounds analysis were among the QUT research proposals funded as part of the 2017 ARC Major Grants.

QUT had 23 projects funded across the Discovery Projects, Discovery Early Career Researcher Award, Discovery Indigenous and Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities schemes for funding commencing in 2017, totalling $8,593,000.

Dr Laura Scholes, from QUT’s Faculty of Education, was awarded $377,000 for a Discovery Early Career Researcher Award aiming to understand and address boys’ underachievement in reading.

The project will identify the connection between socio-economic background, ethnicity and geographical location, and reading outcomes.

It will assess the effects of pedagogies challenging gender stereotypes and that engage boys in reading. It is hoped the project findings will help increase access to education, employment and social participation for disadvantaged boys.

The other successful projects to receive funding were:


Professor Dietmar Hutmacher - $250,000 - A High-Resolution X-Ray Microtomography System for Southeast Queensland

Professor Paul Roe - $900,000 - Australian Acoustic Observatory: A Network to Monitor Biodiversity


Dr Ting Liao - Electronic coupling and nanoscale engineering of 2D nanojunctions - $652,000


Dr Stuart Ekberg - $312,000 - Talking about Troubles: A comparison of everyday and therapeutic talk

Dr Jennifer MacLeod - $360,000 - Electronic structure on both sides of the Fermi level in molecular material

Dr Nicole Rijs - $360,000 - Deconstructing molecular self-assembly by advanced mass spectrometry

Dr Laura Scholes - $377,000 - Challenging masculinities associated with boys' failure in reading


Professor Stephen Blanksby - $365,000 - Formation, photochemistry and fate of gas-phase peroxyl radicals

Associate Professor Aijun Du - $310,000 - 2D Graphitic Carbon Nitride Heterostructures for Solar Hydrogen Production

Professor Clinton Fookes - $410,500 - One Shot 3D Reconstruction of Human Anatomy and Motion

Dr Carl Grodach - $214,500 - Urban cultural policy and the changing dynamics of cultural production

Professor Yuantong Gu - $415,500 - Dislocation motion and anelastic recovery in layered ceramic titanate

Dr Graham Johnson - $303,000 - Modulation of airconditiong settings to destroy respiratory viruses

Professor Aileen Moreton-Robinson - $357,000 - Quandamooka Aboriginal Women on the Colonial Frontier in the 19th Century

Professor Lionel Page - $301,500 - Using behavioural economic insights to overcome student procrastination

Dr Matthew Rimmer - $351,000 - Inventing the Future: Intellectual Property and 3D Printing

Professor Paul Roe - $420,500 - Earth Soundscapes:A Human-Computer Approach to Environmental Sound Analysis

Professor Matthew Simpson - $392,000 - Mathematical models of cell migration in three-dimensional living tissues

Professor Yu-Chu Tian - $285,000 - Cloud scheduling and management of energy systems with real-time support

Associate Professor Kirsten Vallmuur - $403,000 - Evaluating consumer product regulatory responses to improve child safety

Professor Peter Waterhouse - $499,500 - Engineering the defence-vigour balance for increased crop yield

Dr Bo Xia – $117,000 - Delivering Sustainable Retirement Villages for Ageing Australians

Associate Professor Andrew Zele - $237,000 - Melanopsin Function in Humans

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