28th November 2018

Projects to develop novel processes to generate hydrogen, restore food webs in endangered grasslands, investigate the health of waterways under pressure from urban growth, and evaluate regulation of global internet platforms are among QUT-led projects to receive Australian Research Council (ARC) funding in the latest round of grants.

Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan announced the 2019 round grants yesterday, with 20 QUT projects and researchers awarded a total of $10,868,345.

The 15 QUT-led projects to receive ARC Discovery Projects funding totalling more than $6.6 million also include research to improve night driving vision testing, enhance understanding of the interaction of genetics and epigenetics, and enable automatic re-engineering of large enterprise applications to run in the Cloud as microservices.

Four QUT researchers received ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award grants totalling more than $1.5 million, including Dr Carol Hon, whose project aims to improve the mental health of workers in the construction industry, where the suicide rate is 84 cent higher than in the non-construction workforce.

A $2.7 million ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities scheme grant was also awarded to ARC Australian Laureate Fellow and QUT Professor Dmitri Golberg to lead a project to design a universal super-high resolution transmission electron microscope, providing unique, advanced capability for the Australian materials science and engineering research community. 

The full list of 2019 QUT ARC research grant recipients:

ARC Discovery Projects grants

  • Prof David Atchison, Dr Marwan Suheimat (Health): $425,000 – Relationship of retinal directionality to human retinal anatomy variations.
  • Prof Alistair Barros, Prof Colin Fidge, Dr Chun Ouyang (Science & Engineering): $504,000 – Re-engineering enterprise systems for microservices in the Cloud.
  • Prof Stephen Blanksby (Science & Engineering):  $655,000 – Pluses and minuses of lipid mass spectrometry.
  • Prof Steven Bottle (Science & Engineering): $400,000 – Radical Redox Indicators.
  • Prof Margot Brereton, Prof Paul Roe, Dr Bernd Ploderer (Science & Engineering): $585,000 – Ambient Nature Network: new technologies to connect people to nature.
  • Prof Richard Brown (Science & Engineering): $325,000 – Understanding pollutant transport in estuaries and coastal rivers.
  • A/Prof Jennifer Firn, A/Prof James McGree, Prof Anthony Clarke (Science & Engineering): $651,523 – Managing complex networks in endangered grasslands to restore food webs.
  • Prof Terry Flew (Creative Industries), A/Prof Nicolas Suzor (Law): $378,000 – Platform Governance: Rethinking internet regulation as media policy.
  • Prof Lyn Griffiths, Dr Rodney Lea, Dr Heidi Sutherland (Health): $590,000 – Characterising inheritance patterns of whole genome DNA methylation.
  • Prof Fawang Liu, Dr Qianqian Yang, Emeritus Prof Vo Anh (Science & Engineering): $339,000 – Fractional dynamic models for MRI to probe tissue microstructure.
  • A/Prof Peter O’Connor, Prof Nerina Jimmieson (Business): $335,000 – Improving the performance and wellbeing of introverted leaders.
  • A/Prof Hongxia Wang, Dr Wayde Martens, Prof John Bell (Science & Engineering) $375,000 – Green synthesis of organometal perovskite solar cells.
  • Prof Joanne Wood, Dr Alexander Black, Dr Philippe Lacherez, Dr Gillian Isoardi (Health): $399,458 – Using visual science to reduce the dangers of night driving.
  • Dr Jingsan Xu, Dr Liangzhi Kou (Science & Engineering): $270,000 – Cost-efficient 2D heterostructures for solar overall water splitting.
  • Dr Petrus van Heijster (Science & Engineering): $406,000 – New mathematics for understanding complex patterns in the natural sciences.

ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award grants

  • Dr Carol Hon (Science & Engineering): $330,000 – Improving mental health and safety in the construction industry.
  • Dr Sarina Sarina (Science & Engineering): $392,556 – Tuning non-plasmonic metals to high performance photocatalysts.        
  • Dr Lisa Stafford (Health): $383,960 – Inclusive community planning for people with disabilities in regional areas.
  • Dr Kate Williams (Education): $410,500 – A rhythm and movement intervention for self-regulation in preschool.   

ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities grant

  • Prof Dmitri Golberg, Prof Ian Mackinnon, Prof Jose Alarco, Dr James Riches (Science & Engineering): $2,713,348 – Design of a universal super-high resolution transmission electron microscope.  


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