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Celebrating QUT discipline strengths

24th July 2018

Statement from: QUT Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Margaret Sheil


It was pleasing to see the strong performance of QUT in the recent Global Ranking of Academic Subjects (GRAS) 2018. In contrast to University rankings which are dependent on the size and history of the institution, discipline rankings can help to inform where we celebrate our successes and invest in our future.

I am delighted that QUT has ranked 2nd nationally for Mathematics and Biomedical Engineering. In Transportation Science & Technology, QUT was placed 3rd nationally and 16th internationally, while Nursing achieved a national ranking of 5 and international ranking of 31.

QUT also ranked within the top 100 internationally in seven other subject areas:

  • Communication
  • Library & Information Services
  • Public Health
  • Civil Engineering
  • Education
  • Hospitality & Tourism Management

The Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2018 canvasses 54 subjects and is published by Shanghai Ranking Consultancy, publisher of the Academic Ranking of World Universities. The rankings reflect the quality and hard work of the staff and their research teams working in these subject areas. The strength of our disciplines is important.

To quote the late Jill Ker Conway, an Australian who was a former President Smith College, who said she " ….was also something of a curricular conservative, believing that people needed a firm grounding in a single discipline before they became involved in more eclectic, interdisciplinary work”.

Similarly, the success of QUT’s research strategy which has emphasised transdisciplinary approaches to tackle real world problems relies on the underlying quality of our disciplines.

Next month, the Vice Chancellors Advisory Committee will hold an off-site meeting to prioritise areas for future recruitment. Invariably these will be a mix of opportunities to move into new transdisciplinary areas and building or sustaining our existing strengths. Each will be important elements for our future success.

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