14 August 2012

Jacqui Teisen didn't think she was smart enough - or mature enough - to go to uni when she finished school.

Looking back, she knows she was wrong about the smart bit, but she's very glad she tucked an extra three years of life experience under her belt before applying to QUT at age 20.

People start university at all stages of their life and on Saturday, August 25, QUT will be one of the exhibitors helping people begin that journey at the Adult Tertiary Entry Expo at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

"When I left high school I definitely wasn't ready to attend uni at all," Jacqui said.

"Then about three years later I started working in childcare and absolutely loved that, but I realised I wanted a broader challenge so I applied to uni.

"I did the STAT test (Special Tertiary Admissions Test) and through that I was able to get in, which I was so excited about.

"I'm nearing the end of my teaching degree now and I will be able to teach from Prep all the way to Year 10. I'm interested in the older kids ... I wasn't very engaged at school so my challenge will be to engage kids like me."

Jacqui, from Narangba, had a very close role model when it came starting uni as a more mature student.

"When I was in high school my mum (Jenny Hill) enrolled at QUT in her 40s and did a business degree.

"That's helped me because I've seen my mum be able to do it - she was a dean's scholar and was pretty good. She did business management and is now working managing a church."

Jacqui said she'd also had strong support from her husband Richard and her extended family and friends.

This year, she is also spreading those positive vibes to other potential students as part of her work as a QUT student ambassador.

The Adult Tertiary Entry Expo is on at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre on Saturday, August 25, from 10am to 4pm. Entry is free.

QUT staff will be on hand to provide prospective students with information about career pathways, degree programs and courses, entry requirements, application processes and scholarships.


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QUT education student Jacqui Teisen is glad she waited a few years to go to uni.