01 August 2017

The Distinguished Visitor Lecture Series is a forum for senior academics and industry figures visiting QUT to share their perspective on the main trends and challenges in their specific field, hosted by the Institute for Future Environments.

Upcoming lectures

More details will be added as they become available.

Friday 29 September, 2.00pm – 3:00pm
Road Vehicle Automation:  History, Opportunities and Challenges
Dr Steven E Shladover, Sc. D. (UC Berkeley)

Monday 9 October, 10.00am - 11.00am
Alternative Fuel Use in the US Military: The Great Green Fleet and Beyond
Chris Tindal, Adjunct Professor, Centre for Tropical Crops and Biocommodities

Past 2017 lectures

Friday 1 September
The Delicate Tension of Digital Technology
Professor Jan Recker, Digital Innovation Research Group, QUT Business School

Friday 18 August
Why the Humanoids We Love Aren't The Robots We Really Want
Andra Keay, Silicon Valley Robotics

Thursday 17 August
Photovoltaic Renewable Energy Systems
Professor Masakazu Sigiyama (The University of Tokyo) / Professor Kensuke Nishioka (University of Miyazaki)

Thursday 10 August
Deep Reinforcement Learning in the Real World
Raia Hadsell, Research Scientist, Google Deepmind

Monday 31 July
Lethal Autonomous Robots and the Plight of the Non-Combatant
Professor Ron Arkin (Mobile Robot Laboratory, Georgia Tech)

Friday 26 May
Translational Mass Spectrometry: Molecular Images Towards Precision Medicine
Professor Ron Heeren (MultiModal Molecular Imaging Institute, Maastricht University)

Friday 19 May
Creative Innovation and Copyright: Does Australian Policy Encourage Self-Censorship in a Digital Era? 
Professor Patricia Aufderheide (American University)

15 May
Extraordinarily High-Strength Nanostructured Titanium Alloys for Biomedical Applications
Professor Cuie Wen (RMIT University)

9 May
Light Harvesting using Emissive Aggregates
Dr Wallace Wong (University of Melbourne)

5 May
New Forms of Autonomous Transport for Urban Environments
Tommaso Gecchelin (NEXT Future Transportation Inc, Italy)

6 April
Nano electrospray charge reduction differential mobility analyser; a versatile tool for characterization of aerolized nano(bio)particles
Professor Guenter Allmaier (Vienna Institute of Technology, Austria)

4 April
New Frontiers in Atom Probe Tomography
Professor Julie Cairney (The University of Sydney)

23 March
Static and Dynamic Bioinspired Self-Assembled Material Systems
Professor Andreas Walther (Albert-Ludwigs-University, Germany)

1 March
A Multilevel Bayesian Approach for Modelling the Time-to-Serve in Professional Tennis
Professor Jim Albert (Bowling Green State University, USA)

20 February
What Can Plant Science Do For Human Health?
Professor Cathie Martin (John Innes Centre, UK)

10 February
Increasing Molecular Coverage in Complex Biological & Environmental Samples Using Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry
Dr Erin Baker (Pacific North-West National Labs, USA)

30 January
Forests and biorefineries
Dr Elspeth MacRae (Scion, New Zealand)

18 January
RoBi-x Innovation Program: A path to international markets for Australian robotics innovation
Claus Risager (Blue Ocean Robotics)

01 August 2017 - 01 January 2019
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