08 August 2018

Join us for an exclusive evening with award winning costume designer, Marion Boyce, in conversation with exhibition co-curator Christopher Salter.

In this discussion, hear about Marion's lifelong passion for collecting, stories from her career in film and television, and the inspiration for this new exhibition, The Bowerbird and The Bride.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to hear from the great collector and custodian of beautiful things, Marion Boyce.

"I've always been incredibly fascinated by objects and things ... I was a curious child ... when I was quite young I had a neighbour called Miss Fisk who lived next door and she had the most beautiful treasure land you've ever seen ... I became fascinated with this pair of scissors, these beautiful silver scissors that were embroidery snips and they were silver bowerbirds and she would tell me stories about bowerbirds ... and strangely enough I think that's what I've become..."

- Marion Boyce 2018


This event is part of The Bowerbird and The Bride exhibition at Old Government House from 12 July to 19 August 2018.

08 August 2018 - 08 August 2018
6.15pm – 8.00pm
Room Three Sixty
General $68
Old Government House
(07) 3138 8005
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Marion Boyce at Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Costume Exhibition Image © QUT