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Leadership Coaching

Change starts with you.


Leadership coaching can help you to create ripples of positive change flowing right through your organisation.

Immerse yourself in a new mindset

Leadership coaching (LCAM) is an Executive Graduate Certificate in Business designed to transform your leadership style. Over the course of twelve months you’ll discover leadership through coaching as a mindset.

Individual discovery and group exploration

This program is designed to suit the needs of those who are currently in higher levels of leadership and those who are transitioning from leadership into consulting roles, wishing to strengthen their leadership coaching.

In a business world shaped by volatility and ambiguity it can be challenging for leaders to move forward with confidence. In this program you'll be supported to consider different perspectives, question assumptions and practise new ways of thinking, individually and within your Action Learning Group. You'll also experience both group and one-to-one coaching opportunities.

We keep you up to date with the latest insights through our 'On the Edge' series, where you will hear from guest Leadership Coaching experts. We also support the strong bond that forms between participants and often extends beyond networking, with post-graduation interactions encouraged via QUT’s Leadership Coaching Hub.

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Join us at our Leadership through Coaching free information sessions for leaders wishing to embrace a coaching mindset.

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Course inclusions

Leadership Coaching is a highly engaging 12-month (part time) program consisting of four consecutive units:

Stage 1: Building the foundation

We want you to start achieving tangible results as soon as possible. That’s why this unit quickly gets you focused on your High Impact Project (HIP). You will also nominate your Action Learning Group (ALG) and choose your coach. Your ALG consists of colleagues who, like you, have been carefully selected for this program.

At the same time you will be introduced to the foundational theories and practices for leading with a coaching mindset. This provides the rationale for leadership coaching in complex organisational contexts and introduces core frameworks for coaching conversational practices, including our eFIRE leadership coaching model.

This stage includes:

  • An opportunity for serious play online
  • Formation of your ALG
  • An individual leadership coaching session
  • A coaching session with your ALG
  • Three-day face-to-face workshop with your cohort
  • Scoping out your HIP.

Stage 2: Opening yourself up to the possibilities

In this unit your growth is accelerated as your strengths and development opportunities are identified. You will understand the science of leadership coaching, and you will gain a clear understanding of the benefits of activating creative leadership competencies balanced across a task and relationship focus.

This stage includes:

  • A rigorous individual 360 degree profile
  • Two individual coaching sessions
  • A coaching session with your ALG
  • Receiving and providing leadership coaching
  • Developing your HIP.

Stage 3: Exploring deeper connections with your team

This unit moves from the lens of the individual to the group. Your coaching mindset and practice will have a wider opportunity for influence by exploring how team and group dynamics can be leveraged to generate change.

This stage includes:

  • Formation of a new Action Learning Group
  • Powerful group profiling debriefed by a coach
  • Two ALG coaching sessions
  • One individual coaching session
  • Embedding your HIP into your organisation.

Stage 4: Influencing organisational systems and strategies

This unit sharpens the organisational lens, while keeping the individual and the group in mind. You will discover focused opportunities to apply leadership coaching at the strategic and systemic level, primarily through conversational coaching practices. As a graduate of this program you emerge with an enhanced understanding of how to maximise your leadership potential through influencing and developing others and your organisation.

This stage includes:

  • A two-day workshop to share your HIP with your like-minded colleagues
  • One individual coaching session
  • One ALG coaching session
  • LCAM Alumni status, invitations to future Leadership Coaching Hub events and ongoing development opportunities, including On the Edge presentations where we connect with worldwide experts in the leadership coaching arena.

Qualifications that flow towards an MBA / Executive MBA

LCAM is a valued and respected Executive Graduate Certificate in its own right. However, if you decide that you’d like to continue on and earn further qualifications, it’s good to know that you will receive valuable credits towards an MBA or Executive MBA at QUT.

Join the new wave of leaders

If you want to know more about LCAM and how you might be able to participate, don’t hesitate to contact Theresa Waye by email or leave your details below and we’ll call you back.

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