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8 Oct 2020

QUT Global Law, Science and Technology Seminar Series: AI in the Wild: Sustainability in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

As technological advancements and the use of AI is more frequently being used to fight climate change and global pollution an interesting question arises: Should we attempt to avoid hyping AI as the earth's saviour?

23 Sep 2020

“Skeletons in the Closet: A Challenge for Medicine, Ethics and Law” - ACHLR / HEAL Coffee with a Colleague Seminar Series

Did you know that there are probably hundreds of sets of real human bones in the cupboards of doctors and other health professionals in Australia - most initially obtained illegally overseas? As well as the ethical issues, there are legal problems - especially regarding their disposal. Anne-Maree, Jonathan and Simon will highlight the issues and suggest some potential resolutions. 

28 Aug 2020

QUT algorithm could quash Twitter abuse of women

Online abuse targeting women, including threats of harm or sexual violence, has proliferated across all social media platforms but QUT researchers have developed a statistical model to help drum it out of the Twittersphere.

23 Jul 2020

World first study to address a gendered justice system

Improving outcomes for young women offenders must start with a response system designed for them, not male offenders. A global first and QUT-led project aims to discover how these systems could be better designed to improve outcomes for young women.