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19 Nov 2019

Non-indigenous Australian suicide underestimated

Suicide statistics of non-Indigenous Australians are underestimated by 15 to 50 per cent, owing partly to coroners being confined to a binary finding of suicide/not suicide, and their desire to spare the dead person’s family the stigma of suicide.

15 Nov 2019

QUT researchers tackling real world problems awarded $2.92M

Domestic violence and digital technology, youth peace advocacy, sustainable building designs, and reducing death or serious injury caused by drivers using smartphones are some QUT projects awarded funding today by the federal government.

17 Oct 2019

Research with results: QUT’s new Future Fellows

Four QUT researchers have been named as Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellows, sharing in $87.8 million in funding announced today by Federal Minister for Education Dan Tehan.

3 Jun 2019

Floating cities for ‘climate refugees’ … or tourists & tech giants?

Would you want to live on a floating city to escape rising sea levels driven by climate change?  Or maybe you’d contemplate moving to one as a tax haven or just visiting for a holiday?

26 November

Climate activism, eco-emotions and the law: Reimagining legal futures in a time of climate change

When: 12:00pm - 2:00pm 26th November

Where: OJW, Level 12, S Block, QUT Gardens Point Campus