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8 Aug 2019

Leading international expert discusses duties in the development of artificial intelligence

QUT welcomed Professor Frank Pasquale, a Professor of Law at the University of Maryland and a leading international expert in the global algorithmic accountability movement, for a public lecture hosted by the QUT Law Lab: Technology, Regulation and Justice.

10 Jul 2019

Online males escorts on the rise globally

Australia’s population of online male escorts is growing with 668 profiles in 2018, up from 516 in the previous survey, according to the latest Male Escort Global Survey, conducted by QUT criminologists.

8 Jul 2019

On-road trolls: the global spread of bikie clubs

Outlaw motorcycle gangs are expanding around the world with large, established clubs like Hells Angels constantly creating chapters internationally, a global survey of ‘bikie’ clubs, which counted 5072 separate clubs, has found.

25 Jun 2019

How women's police stations cut violence against women in South America

Consistent research has shown that women prefer to be received by women when they make a complaint to police about sexual and domestic violence, QUT Professor Kerry Carrington said on the ABC's The Drum last night, regarding her research on women's police stations in South America.

27 August

Drones everywhere and nowhere

When: 5:30pm - 7:30pm 27th August

Where: Room 601, Atrium, P Block , QUT Gardens Point Campus